Tips to garage conversion for better use of house garage

The use of a garage differs from individual to individual. Some use the space as a storeroom, something similar to a mini junkyard. Some use it as car parking. However, it can be used for something better. A garage conversion is a mantra towards doing it. It can be converted into a decent playroom or a new home office and surprisingly within a week or two. An added advantage towards garage conversion is that the needs of moving can be met without moving to any other place to get an equivalent house. This will also save the stamp duty, solicitors and other such related fees.

Tips to garage conversion for better use of house garage

It is important to note that a garage conversion increases the value of the house and even a well-considered project may enhance the return by about 10 or 20 percent.

Garage Conversion Designing

The first step into garage conversion is to make an assessment of the space like the rook, walls and foundations. This will reveal the extent of work required to convert the space into a comfortable environment. If the garage is in a good state, less conversion work would be required and it will be cheaper too.

Achieving the right result is based on the scale of the scheme and how smartly the property can be integrated along with the stretch of the budget. Higher-end projects would require a professional architect to help identify the creative part while maximizing the potentiality of the garage. Moreover, it depends on the natural flow of the space into the house.

Garage Conversion Planning Permission

Most of the work in a garage conversion is internal and hence considered as permitted development, which is commonly called PD. This means no formal planning consent is required. However, in some cases, though rare, such PD is removed and approval of local authority is required. It is better to seek a lawful development certificate.

Garage Conversion Building Regulations

The work is subject to Building Regulations. It is therefore important to inform the local authority at least 48 hours before the start of garage conversion work. If the project is complex, it is essential to have in draft the full structural plans.

Garage Conversion Key Works

Before starting the garage conversion work, it is important to make the roof and walls watertight and sound as most of the work would be done inside the existing structure. It is better to first strip the main structure and know what is in a store like which corner is to be most encountered.

Moreover, the floor needs to be strong enough to cope up with the remodeling use. The floors are generally lower in a garage and it is important to understand whether some upgrading of the level is required.


A garage conversion is one of the best ways to accommodate some a project in the garage which generally lies idle with no use. In this article, we briefed what are the ways in which a garage can be used for fruitful use.

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