Top Living Room Trends for 2020

Top Living Room Trends for 2020

We like to buy everything trending for our home. To beautify our home, we stay up-to-date with the latest interior designing trends and look for the best furniture and home accessories that can enhance the beauty of our living space.

We have come up with some interesting living room trends for 2020 that can help you transform your home. Let’s check out these trends and see if they are worth your home.


Gray Colored Trends Top Living Room Trends for 2020


•       The Gray Colored Trends

Interior designers often claim that people should strike a balance when it comes to interior colors. Experts recommend the blend of neutral and bold colors. In 2020, the gray color is going to be the major trend for living rooms. Being a neutral color, gray covers a myriad of patterns and styles.

Moreover, gray blends extremely well with the bold as well as neutral colors. You can opt for gray wall paintings and curtains and throw dark or light-colored furniture to beautify your apartment. Not only walls but this neutral color looks amazing on the sofa and dining table.

Look Appealing Top Living Room Trends for 2020


•       Make it Look Appealing

No one wants to live in a flat living room that looks unappealing and super boring. To make your living space appear classy and trending, add texture to it. The days when people loved to live in a formal and picture-perfect apartment are long gone. Nowadays, homeowners are more concerned about comfort and coziness.

To make your home look appealing, you must add cool stuff such as a contemporary coffee table and a smooth couch. In 2020, the furniture made of wood, stone, marble, and other natural materials are going to be the major trend. People will even opt for home furniture on rent in Mumbai to save some bucks while enjoying the comfort.

Boho-Chic Living Rooms Top Living Room Trends for 2020

•       Boho-Chic Living Rooms

The boho-chic trend is getting viral on the internet. There was a time when homeowners decorated their apartments with all matchy-matchy stuff. They wanted their furniture to match the wall painting and interior décor.

Today, the boho-chic living rooms are in demand. In fact, it is going to be a major trend in 2020. Why limit your home décor options with one pattern or color when you have plenty of vibrant colors and beautiful designs to choose from? Mix and match colors and style your apartment with colorful designs.

•       Minimal yet Personal

Minimalism sounds cool. You can live a low-maintenance and economical life with minimal furniture pieces, kitchen appliances, and living room accessories.

Minimalism doesn’t mean you need to throw all those heavy furniture sets and space-consuming items out. You should follow an “intimate minimalism” concept i.e. keep everything yet organize it perfectly. Your apartment should have fewer yet more personal and useful objects.

•       Rental Furniture

For those with a limited budget, you can find refrigerators, TV, furniture, and even washing machine on rent in Mumbai. Rental furniture is going to be another living room trend in 2020. You can live an economical lifestyle with rented accessories.

Usually, homeowners find it difficult to get their favorite and luxury furniture sets for living rooms. To help you enjoy the benefit of cozy and lavish furniture sets, the rental shops are ready to rent the precious home accessories at a competitive price.

•       Give it a Personal Touch

Another popular trend that’s already embraced by homeowners is the vintage and contemporary combo. You don’t have to cramp your living rooms with modern accessories. People love to give a personal touch to their homes by throwing some vintage items. You can even put some souvenirs that remind you of an important event or a special place.

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