5 Different Types Of T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts inspired by nature

All of us wish to start a new life when the new year comes but then, we should not be limiting ourselves only in wishing about something, rather we should be proactive in implementing our ideas and wishes in an apt way and hence change our lifestyle drastically with our new year resolutions. With each New Year, there come new trends, designs, and style. So, the clothing people should leave all the old trends of 2016 behind to embrace new styles of 2017. Leading plans have already entered a mainstream fashion world in 2017; it is time to explore them. In 2017 we find the tee shirt design are becoming more daring and bold, a t-shirt worn by you will reflect your taste and choice, personality and attitude. Many companies use t-shirts, which acts as a branding tool for their businesses. Here, we will provide you a list of top 5 tee shirt designs of 2017.

T-shirts inspired by nature

The influence of environment and nature are increasing over the years. Thus designers are concentrating on the reflection of this theme on the t-shirts. From natural textures like furs to big floral prints, this year is welcomed earthly prints that are interesting as well as refreshing. Some t-shirts have animal inspired themes like butterfly, dragonfly; these are also in trend nowadays.

T-shirts featuring cartoon characters

Cartoon themed t-shirts are in vogue nowadays. Apart from being humorous as they add a playful twist to the tee design. You will be no less than a fashion icon if you add one or more tee shirt of this kind to your closet. There is the high possibility of this trend becoming very popular in this year.

Gothic be the new black

If you are fashionable and always prefer trendy clothes, you should go for this design. These design employes elements of mystery to create unique designs thus generating excitement among the clothing people. This t-shirt design features items like pirate skulls, mythical sea features, ancient seascapes, and rope details in such a way that they automatically seek the attention of the people.

T-shirts featuring bird feather

There is the extraordinary variety of bird feathers all over the world. Designers get creative during the making of these t-shirt designs. They take inspiration from exotic nature of feathers and colors. It creates a positive and good vibe among consumers because of its vibrant colors. The designs have sometimes featured the feather alone, while sometimes it combines with other elements. These t-shirts have exotic peacocks, birds of paradise, soft flowing prints, etc.

Floral designs

These types of t-shirt designs are evergreen and it will undoubtedly continue to be one of the biggest trends of 2017 as well. Famous designers like Alexander McQueen, Gucci created all over floral designs last season. Such design represents Romance for example T-shirt designs with blurry blooms, photo real images of flower, watercolor prints, etc. The rise of nature-inspired and floral prints might seem weird to some, but adding these type of tees to your wardrobe is bound to increase your popularity.

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  • I agree that it may be time to try some new t shirt designs to get a taste of what you might like. I personally feel like I’ve been seeing more of the partial length, baseball t shirts around lately. It’s important to have a selection of diverse enough shirts so that you are happy with what shirt options you have each day.

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