5 types of energy healing

Here we will discuss types of energy healing. When you’re tired and stressed, it may seem there’s very little you can do to change the frantic pace at which the world is spinning and things keep going wrong. That spinning feeling of disorientation or emotional dizziness is a sure sign that you may not be grounded. The following five tools are tried, tested, and effective in bringing peace and balance back to a busy, tired, or out-of-control day… or week, or month.

types of energy healing

What Does It Mean When You Say Someone is “Not Grounded”?

Generally, when an energy work practitioner says a person is “ungrounded” or “not well grounded,” they mean that their energetic field is out of balanced energy in a way that keeps them from connecting fully with their inner source of strength and power.

Depending on your frame of reference, this might be interpreted as the root or base chakra being closed or several of the key meridians running backwards or acting over-energized.

No matter how you choose to visualize groundedness or lack thereof, the following tips and tools may be helpful in grounding your energy and restoring a sense of balance. So here are 5 types of energy healing.

1. Energy Work

First and foremost in types of energy healing we will discuss about balanced energy work. From energy medicine to craniosacral therapy to reiki, almost any form of energy work can be helpful with grounding. In particular, anything that opens, balances or reconnects the root chakra (at the base of the spine) will usually help. This chakra relates to family, home, and belief systems instilled by our families.

Another quick in types of energy healing that may help involves running the triple warmer meridian backwards to ground over-energy. Zipping up the central meridian may also help.

2. Walk Outdoors

balanced energy

It may seem self-evident, but walking, especially outside in a natural setting, is one of the quickest ways to ground. Walking on the earth connects us to the idea and the energy of Earth and groundedness. It can open the root chakra and balance other energies around the body. This is way important in types of energy healing.

3. Get Physical

Physical exercise of any kind is good for grounding balanced energy. Anything that uses and develops physical strength helps to ease us out of mental dominance – a way of being that is like a bad habit to most Westerners – and recreates a healthy balance between body and mind.

Some people find that walking is enough activity to ground them; for others, more intense exercise or team sports are needed to bring them back into the body.

Speaking of “getting physical,” some energy workers believe that sex can balance and energize the lower chakras and assist with grounding. This may be good advice for some; for others, sexual fears and phobias (especially those connected with family and upbringing – exactly what the root chakra is about) get in the way. Don’t fight your feelings on this; you have to do what feels right for you.

4. Healing Tools: Crystals and Essential Oils

In types of energy healing crystals and essentials oils, worn on the body, may be of aid in grounding.

Crystals carry earthing energy because they grew and developed in the Earth. Amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, and particularly magnetic hematite are known to be useful.

Essential oils of pine, spruce, fir, and other large trees are especially known for grounding. They should be applied on the soles of the feet, on each chakra, or diffused in the air.

5. Meditation

bio energy healing

The last, and most obvious, method of restoring groundedness is to meditate in whatever way is most natural to you. It is bio energy healing. Meditation, like exercise, is an excellent way for most people to come back into their bodies and feel more grounded and safe.

Healing Crystals

Not only were crystals used as tools, but they have always been and are at present worn to accentuate the body as well as beautify the decor of any living quarters.

Crystals, being part of bio energy healing, are not only found in computers and electronic gadgets but they are believed to have magical and healing properties as well.

Crystals have been used to protect, ward off harm and interpret messages from the spirit world. Traditionally gemstones were used to alleviate pain and sickness. Today, however, crystal healers use the crystals to remove the energy that causes physical illness.

Chakras in Relation to Crystal Healing

There are specific crystals which correspond to seven main energy centers of the body. (Also known as chakras) The color of the crystal corresponds with the color associated with a particular chakra.

For instance, in bio energy healing, red stones, when placed at the base of the spine (root chakra), energize this chakra. Orange colored stones energize the sacral chakra (just below the navel).

The third chakra is energized by placing yellow crystals. The fourth is balanced by placing green or pink colored crystals.

The fifth chakra correlates with light blue, for the throat center. The sixth or third eye chakra, corresponds with dark blue or indigo colored crystals.

Lastly, the seventh energy center, associated with the crown chakra, corresponds with purple stones or clear quartz.

Soothing Properties of Crystals

White stones are used for clearing and purifying energies whereas black stones are normally used for grounding energies. The placement is important but the intent of the healer is most important.

The orange and yellow crystals are known for their energizing and organizing properties, as they aid in balancing the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras and help release tension in the heart in bio energy healing.

The green and blue stones bring balance and serenity. They work in conjunction with the throat and heart chakras. They help one express their truth and love for self and others.

The purple stones work with the crown chakra, which is the energy vortex that is the control center for the entire chakra system. Purple stones are used to bring a state of balance, while working with the mind to receive higher vibrations.

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