5 Ways That You Can Start Making Better Decisions

5 Ways That You Can Start Making Better Decisions

We are surrounded by an infinite number of choices every single day and while it is certainly great to have a lot of options in life, at times it can become overwhelming. With so many different varieties to consider and select from, it can be difficult to know what is truly the best choice to make, leaving you feeling indecisive or worried about making the wrong decision.

Making better decisions is essential if you want to be able to meet your goals and progress further in your ambitions. Understanding what to consider when deciding between different opportunities will help you enormously on the path to success. Read on for a few ways that you can start making better decisions now.

Look at the facts

It’s tempting to get swayed by emotions and gut feelings when trying to choose between different things, but you’ll need a little more than that when you are making a particularly important decision. Your intuition is made up of several different sources of information – the past experiences that have shaped your life, the environment around you, the influence of media and other sources of information, and the factual things you may know. While often intuition can be a helpful guide towards making a decision, on its own it can also lead you astray.

That’s why it is always important to temper any decision with facts, as well as opinions and feelings. When making any major decision in life, it’s a good idea to take the time to research the facts and figures surrounding the issue. You’ll find statistical analysis breaking down the numbers on all kinds of matters, from health problems to politics and you can read here for more insight into how these numbers are looked at.

Carry out a risk assessment

A risk assessment is common practice in most workplaces and industries, particularly areas where there is a greater risk of harm or damage to people or the environment. From construction to healthcare, science and finance, all of these areas require a detailed risk assessment to understand the potential impact of any steps that might be taken and mitigate the possibility of loss or damage to valuable assets or people.

Similarly in everyday life, it is a good idea to carry out a risk assessment before taking any important actions. While this does not have to be quite as formal as a professional risk assessment, it can be a great way of clarifying potential issues and helping you make better decisions. For instance, if you’re planning on moving into a new apartment, a risk assessment might include considering any potential issues with the building or nearby area, as well as weighing up other factors, such as the distance you may need to travel for work, financial constraints and more. By looking at these issues ahead of making a choice, you can feel more confident that you have taken a step that you will be most satisfied with.

Take time to reflect

We all make bad decisions from time to time, but the important distinction is whether or not we have the capacity to learn from them. While poor choices can often lead to unpleasant consequences, they can also help you to build greater resilience, giving you the ability to bounce back from perceived failures, and maintain a confident and positive outlook.

After any potential setback, set some time aside to consider what steps you could have taken, the obstacles you faced and if you could have done anything differently. While this may leave you with a feeling of regret, it is also a powerful learning opportunity and taking time to reflect should not be overlooked. Likewise, even when things do work out well, it is just as important to review and take stock, to understand why things did go right. By reflecting on this, you can aim to continue taking the right steps in the future.

Be mindful of outside influences

Every decision you make in daily life is shaped by all kinds of external factors and one of the most powerful is the role of marketing and advertisement. If you are looking to make a major life change, then the chances are that you will see all kinds of different possibilities shown to you, from various commercials or other advert sources. They can be convincing and may even sway you from your initial choices, by making you feel inadequate or distrustful of your own desires.

The influences of the world outside can play a big role in shaping what you may decide, but to prevent them from overwhelming your own identity entirely, it is also essential to look at your choices with a critical eye. Do you really want something or have you been led to feel that way because of the kinds of marketing you’ve been exposed to? To separate the power of external influences and your own inner needs, it can be good to discuss your possible options with another independent person, who may not be influenced as heavily.

Cut out choices

Lastly, having too many options in life can sometimes be a negative factor. While it is wonderful to be able to pick and choose in so many different ways, there can be too much of a good thing.  It is easier to make a poor decision and consider options too quickly when you are surrounded by too many factors to look at properly.

To help your decision making process, have a stricter set of criteria to eliminate choices that do not feel relevant or appropriate to you. This may include factors such as budget at an upper and lower end, physical considerations, brands or other things. By setting some constraints in place, based on what you know you want or do not want as the end result, you can simplify your decision making process, and feel more confident and positive that you have take the right steps for your goals in life.

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