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First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary gift has never been alcohol gift baskets or Irish Christmas gifts but been paper. but there are also many unique anniversary gifts to consider giving as well.

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Traditional First Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas

The traditional first wedding present is paper which might not sound very exciting, but can actually be a creative theme for unique gifts.

Book or Journal – Give a romantic, thoughtful book or unusual journal for a first wedding anniversary.

Memory Scrapbook – Select a dozen pictures, one for each month, and put them into a small photo album. Write down a favorite memory from each month of the first year to make the memory book a special keepsake.

Photo Puzzle – Take a favorite couple photograph, or picture from the wedding and have a personalized puzzle made for a fun, personal anniversary gift.

Name a Star Certificate – Have a star named for a loved one, or as a couple, and present the framed certificate as a celestial anniversary gift.

Get alcohol gift baskets – There are dozens of options at any holiday gift shop for alcohol gift baskets and all are equally unique for the first anniversary gift.

Daily Dose of Love – Create tiny capsules of love notes by writing quotes, sayings, song phrases and love messages on thin strips of paper. Roll the paper strips into a tiny scroll and put them in an empty gel capsule. Put a year’s worth in a decorated box with a label to “take one per day to keep doubts of love away”.

Irish Christmas gifts – Irish Christmas gifts are also counted as traditional first anniversary gifts if you have wedding during the Christmas time. Visit a good holiday gift shop in your locality and find out one of the best Irish Christmas gifts for your wife.

irish christmas gifts

Non-Traditional First Wedding Anniversary Present

The modern gift suggestion for the first wedding anniversary is a clock so try these time-themed anniversary ideas.

Gift Certificates – These certificates could be for time at a spa, a couple’s massage, reservations for two at a fancy restaurant or even a luxury get-away at a fancy hotel. Only your imagination and budget would put a limitation on what gift certificates can be given for an anniversary.

Coupons – Like gift certificates, a coupon could be a lot of different things depending on personality and needs. Does the couple have children or pets? Give a coupon for time babysitting to allow time away.

Personalized Clock – There are several options for getting a clock personalized. Consider having a photo clock made using a favorite picture of husband and wife together or from the wedding itself. Alternatively, consider engraving an anniversary clock with the wedding details, or even etching a photo into it.

An Anniversary Party – What better way to give the gift of time than to throw a party to celebrate with friends, family and other loved ones? Try gathering the wedding party together for a formal gathering, or throw a couples-themed party with a more casual feeling.

Whether well-wishers want to give traditional, funny, trendy or luxurious anniversary gifts, celebrating the first milestone of a new marriage should be anything but boring.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A couple who has been married for 3 years might be familiar with the 3rd wedding anniversary gift symbols.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Made of Leather

For people with no objections to leather, there are many gift ideas for the third anniversary. A few common ideas are a leather jacket, a leather handbag or even a leather belt.

Leather jacket. Individuals will find that generally buying a well cut, well made leather jacket is the way to go. As long as the recipients waist line doesn’t expand a well made jacket should last for some time.

Leather gloves. Those living in a colder area with snow, a pair of lined leather gloves make a great 3rd year anniversary gift.

Leather laptop bag/case. A modern gift choice, to go along with the working husband or wife. Laptops are a common sight in recent years, a leather cover will ensure the recipients laptop is kept ship-shape.

Leather passport holder. For a married couple that travels regularly, a leather passport holder is the ideal 3rd wedding anniversary gift.

3rd Year Anniversary Gifts Made of Glass or Crystal

Glass and crystal fit into most decors. A 3rd wedding anniversary gift for the home made of glass or crystal is a nice present for a spouse.

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Glass vase. A cheeky wife may present her husband with a glass vase. The glass vase could have a note attached expressing that she would love to see him using “his gift” by filling it with flowers often.

Champagne flutes. A husband could give personalized champagne flutes to his wife for a 3rd year anniversary gift.

Glass sculpture. For a fancier gift a husband could arrange to have a glass sculpture made for his wife.

Looking-glass. A more out-of-the-box gift suggestion, what about a mirror? “Looking-glass” is just another expression for mirror.

Celebrating a 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Many couples peter out after the first two wedding anniversaries, no longer celebrating. Couples who feel their relationship is important will always try to celebrate their wedding anniversary – even if it is only a small celebration.

Spend the day at a theme park. Couples may find they can have a lot of fun spending the day at Disney Land or whatever theme park they have near them.

Have a romantic picnic. A young couple celebrating their third wedding anniversary might enjoy eating gourmet food and drinking good wine watching the sunset.

Have an anniversary getaway. For couples who want to escape the rat race for a little while and want to enjoy spending some quality time alone together as a couple.

Third wedding anniversaries should be celebrated. For some couples just a card and a happy anniversary are enough to celebrate. Other couples use their wedding anniversaries as an opportunity to do something special and romantic.

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