Anticipating Ramadan in London

It can be difficult to expect what Ramadan will be like in a non-Muslim country. Most Muslim countries work their time tables in all aspects of life to suit Ramadan, making it convenient for the those fasting during Ramadan. London is a cosmopolitan city of the world, and as a non-Muslim country, it can be difficult to observe Ramadan, but the large Muslim population means it’s more awareness about this month of fasting and prayer.

ramadan in london

Mosques in London

Unlike most other non-Muslim countries, the United Kingdom is very different in terms of providing services to Muslims. It is because of the history of Muslim migrants to the UK, the large British Muslim population that lives in the UK today, and the concentration of Muslims in a given area that has allowed for a large number of mosques and Islamic centres all across London. Whereas, in most other Western countries practicing Muslims resort to even traveling distances to find a mosque especially on Fridays and during Ramadan, Muslims in London are spoiled for choice.

NHS Support to Muslims During Ramadan

The Public Health Service puts up billboards, gives out information on the internet and hands out information leaflets at clinics letting the Muslims know how to take care of their bodies during Ramadan. This is especially important information for those Muslims who suffer from diabetes or other health related issues.

It is a source of much satisfaction to the Muslims living in the UK to know that their public health service is behind them during the month of their spiritual needs as well.

Halal Options in London

London has innumerable halal stores all over. These are owned by a diverse population of Muslims ranging from Pakistan to Turkey, Iraq and Somalia. These stores adjust to Ramadan requirements of specific foods (such as dates) as well as home-made delicacies, drinks and sweets. These shops also serve as community focal points giving out relevant information for example Ramadan time table, mosque details and events being held in the Muslim community in London.

Not only that but around these stores there are innumerable stores selling clothes, jewelry and gift items relevant to Muslims for Eid which follows Ramadan. The proximity to all locations of such stores and the availability of such products makes living in London an easy option for the diverse British Muslim population.

Ramadan Meals at Southhall, Edgware and Elsewhere in London

Southhall is located in West London and is an old suburban area settled by South Asians. Amongst these, it was originally the Sikh population that came and settled, thereby expanding the area’s South Asian food market. The Pakistani and Indian food here is considered to be the most authentic in London and people from across London visit here just for the food. All restaurants and cafes here are halal and cater for Iftar (sunset meals during Ramadan). Not only that, there are restaurants here that also cater for suhur (Ramadan sunrise meals).

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