You Can Ignite Affairs At These Six Places

Affairs start at places like office, gym and church. If believed to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, one of their surveys found 15 percent of women and 25 percent of men get into long-term relationship at six such places where people cheat their existing married life. The reason these places are best platform to get bonded once again is that people are working for common objective.

social circle affairs


Office is one of the best places in the world where affairs can be triggered. Traditionally too it has been seen people gets acquainted with each other at workplace. An expert said when one goes to work in the morning, he or she is in the makeup and the hair is fresh too. The person is typically on his or her best behavior. It is also said two persons become more receptive than usual in shared creative energy, goals, and passion.


Gym means displaying body and this leads to physical attraction. An expert said it is also like available and accessible. The most common type of affair at gym is between clients and personal trainers. It is explained that a woman may feel physically as well as emotionally attached while working and supporting.

Social media

office affair

Usually old flames are more reconnected on social media and it becomes easy for two persons to reminisce about the “good old days” when they were not shouldering so much of responsibilities as now. Both of them even start fantasizing their lives like if they had stayed together.

Social circle

Social circle is also one of the best media to get acquainted with some special in your life. Many couple used to be friends earlier. Both of them have been close for years and their families to knows each other well. All these leads to becoming life partner.

Volunteering gig

Volunteering together brings two people closer as both works toward a common cause. They feel a special energy and gets vulnerable to each other’s attractions.

social media affair


At churches people gets acquainted to each other while talking about their marriage problems. People look for comfort there without realizing the other person may take advantage of the vulnerability. If not, the person may also develop feelings.


If your existing married is not riding on smooth road, consider these tips and see where you fit in. If you are regular to gym, you may search for someone special there. If not, your office or the church can help you out.

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