Casual, everyday clothing for pear shaped women

In some earlier articles I wrote on dressing to suit one’s body shape, and what the pear shaped woman should wear. However, those with a pear shaped body can have particular problems with casual clothes. Smart and formal clothes are easier, as large hips and thighs can be easily hidden under dresses and skirts. But how to find suitable trousers for the pear shaped? And what about swimwear? Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, UK style gurus, have a lot of good advice on this. Read on…

Casual, everyday clothing for pear shaped women

Aim in Dressing the Pear Shaped Body

You have an enviable upper half, so emphasise it! Pears have neat boobs, slim arms, and tiny waists. So make the most of these, and concentrate on clothes which hide your lower half.

Another way is to broaden your upper half. Remember, the pear is trying to give the illusion of being an hourglass shape. Shoulder pads, if they ever come back into fashion, are excellent for this. But layering can achieve the same effect, so pile the pretty layers on top, and keep the bottom half simple.

Dressing the Bottom Half

Your trousers should be wide enough in the leg to skim over saddlebags. Avoid side pockets, and go for a flat front. And don’t wear cropped trousers or skinny jeans, however fashionable they are. Leave jeggings and similar for the few people – and they are very few – who look good in them; there are better fashions for you. And always wear trousers in a dark colour.

Why not consider wearing a skirt, even for everyday wear? Pears look great in long or calf-length skirts, so go for what suits you.

Dressing the Top Half

Here you can go to town with patterns, puffed sleeves, and layers. You want to draw the eye to your pretty top half. You are relatively flat-chested, so higher cut tops will look good – the kind your hourglass shaped cousins simply cannot wear. Enjoy concentrating on this part of your body, and don’t bemoan the size of your thighs all the time

Sportswear and Swimwear for the Pear Shaped Body

clothing for pear shaped women

You CAN wear shorts clothing. Just follow the basic rules. Tight tops are fine, but make sure your trousers are loose, yoga-type ones. No leggings for you. And keep the trousers in a dark colour.

Don’t be afraid to bare all on the beach. However big you are, high cut legs on swimsuits will elongate your legs and make them look slimmer, so long as the swimsuit is not too tight. Even a bikini is possible, preferably with a plain bottom and patterned top.

If you follow the above rules, you can look fabulous!

How the Vase Shaped Women Should Dress

As explained in a previous article on dressing to suit one’s body shape, vase shaped women have big busts, gently curing longer waists, wide hips, and slim thighs and legs. The shape is similar to hourglass shaped women, but longer and less dramatic. Many women would love to have this type of figure. But some vases feel frumpy, thinking their busts and upper arms are too big, and that finding fashionable clothes for their shape is impossible. But with a little care, the vase can look fantastic.

Principles When Dressing the Vase Shaped Woman

Like hourglasses, vases should emphasise their curves and not try to hide them. This is best done with short jackets and tops which go in at the waist. V-necks or square necklines will make the vase’s top half look good without over-emphasising her large bust. The vase does not have the slim hips required for skinny jeans and trousers, but her slim legs will look great in the straight-leg version. Shoes should be high heeled and curvy…for a curvy girl!

Casual Clothing for the Vase Shaped Woman

Vase shaped women can wear jeans for all casual wear if they want; their slim legs look great in them. When dressing their top halves, they should concentrate on drawing attention to their smaller parts – waist, wrists, and hands. Slim coats and jackets look fabulous on the vase, and three-quarter length sleeves hide her large upper arms. Clothes which emphasise the bust are fine, but for many vases, those are better reserved for party occasions.

Smart Clothes for the Vase Shaped Woman

pear shaped women

For smart occasions, vase shaped women should keep things simple. Their slim legs look great in straight skirts, and long-sleeved or three-quarter length shirts will hide their upper arms. For those vases who find it difficult to find shirts which will meet over the bust and still fit, one solution is to wear a smart sleeveless tank top over the shirt. This will look exceedingly smart, but also emphasise the vase’s feminine curves.

A Party Look for the Vase Shaped Woman

Vases rarely look good in floral and feminine dresses; again, it is best to keep things simple. The best dress for the vase is fitted and emphasizes her curves, and a square neckline may well suit her large bust better than a V-neck. Another dressy option for the vase is wide-legged trousers and a plain but pretty shirt. In both cases, three-quarter length sleeves are the most flattering length.

Vases look great in feminine jewellery, but should go for rounded and fairly large pieces to complement their curvy look.

Famous Vase Shaped Women who Look Fabulous

Kate Winslet, Kelly Brook, and Geena Davis are all vases. They look fantastic in the right clothes…and fashionable too. And so can you!

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