Chakra balancing exercises with metaphysical crystals

Since the dawn of mankind, crystals have been used for a variety of different purposes including chakra balancing exercises. Crystals have served as good luck charms, healing and decorations.

Chakra balancing exercises

Some believe that crystals contain energy. Therefore, it’s believed that chakra balancing exercises with crystals can serve as a tool for meditation by assisting in calming the mind and allowing it to focus on the meditation.

Crystal Meditation

To perform a crystal meditation for chakra balancing exercises, the subject should begin by getting in a comfortable position. For the first part of the meditation, place the crystal in front of you, a bit under your line of sight. Begin taking slow, deep breaths while focusing on the crystal. Look at each and every detail of the crystal.

Next in chakra balancing exercises is to pick up the crystal and hold it in your hands. Feel how calm the crystal allows you to be. Allow the energy to run through your body and notice how easy the medication is becoming and how much better you are able to focus. If there is something in particular you wish to meditate about, now would be the time.

Meditating With Fire Agate

There are several kinds of crystals that can enhance meditation in chakra balancing exercises.

A particularly good crystal for meditation is the fire agate; it is believed to be connected to the energies of the earth. Fire Agate has a calming influence and helps a person to feel more settled. It is one of the best crystals to help with deep relaxation and is typically found in North America.

Meditating With Calcite

Although Calcite comes in several different colors, most people who use it for meditation use gold or yellow because those colors are linked to the light of the sun.

It’s believed that Calcite is good for sharpening the mind, along with calming the mind as well. This leads to better focusing while meditating.

Obtaining Enlightenment With Lapis Lazuli

spiritual balance

Another great crystal for chakra balancing exercises is Lapis Lazuli. Highly valued in ancient Egypt, this dazzling blue stone aligns the elements of both the mind and the body. It is closely tied with spirituality and is good for keeping the mind clear. This stone brings peace and serenity to a meditation.

Meditating With Carnelian

Carnelian is a type of quartz and folklore has it that it is good for timid voiced people. Carnelian is a grounding crystal which is good at helping to clear the mind for meditation. It strengthens creativity which works well when doing a form of visualization meditation. In addition, Carnelian is believed to bring forth positive feelings.

Moonstone Meditation

Moonstone is a highly spiritual crystal that is mainly found in Australia and India. It is a soothing crystal known for heightening ones’ intuition. It calms the mind, allowing for deep meditation and aids people in reaching their subconscious mind.

How to Perform Object Meditation in Spiritual Balance

To make it easier to focus during meditation, some practitioners enjoy using some type of object to look at or hold while meditating. These objects can be as simple as a candle, stones, crystals, or beads and are highly beneficial in spiritual balance.

According to spiritual balance expert the idea is to keep the focus on the object so the mind doesn’t wander elsewhere. If it does, then just bring the focus to whatever object is being used. To begin this type of meditation, sit, (as with any kind of sitting meditation,) begin breathing slowly and deeply from the diaphragm, then turn your focus to the object.

Using Crystals For Meditation

In metaphysical spiritual balance circles, crystals are believed to have power. This power comes in the form of energy. By using a crystal while meditating, it is believed that a more powerful meditation will occur. It is important to note that the crystal should be cleansed before using it.

Using Stones For Meditation

Chakra balancing exercises

Like crystals, some people believe that using a stone during spiritual balance meditation can enhance the meditation.

Meditation stones come in different shapes and colors. It is believed that certain colors can evoke certain responses while someone meditates.

Using Beads For Meditation

Another object using spiritual balance meditation is the beads. Some Christians enjoy meditating while holding a rosary. Buddhists use religious beads called Mala beads which consist of 108 beads.

Native Americans use what is known as a prayer feather. A prayer feather is made up of beads with the feather at the end.

Using Candles For Meditation

Candles can have a very soothing effect when used during the meditation. Think about how candles bring such a feeling of peacefulness when used in church.

Candles can also bring about the feeling of romance during a candlelight dinner. Candles are quite popular for meditation for the peacefulness and calmness they create.

Using Bones For Meditation

In Namibia, Africa, tribesmen have a very interesting form of meditation. With this meditation, chicken bones are used to foretell the future. First, they blow on the bones. After chanting, they toss the bones on the ground. This is followed by meditation on the way the bones landed in order to predict future events.

The above are just some of the objects that can be used for meditation. Other objects include religious statues, symbols, flowers, or just about anything that will work for particular person. Remember, the reason for using an object for meditation is to keep focused and centered on the meditation.

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