How To Choose Profile Photo For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

You always want to choose the most flattering photos for your profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networking platforms as most of our lives these days are spent online, whether it is finding a job for yourself, or finding a good pal, or seeking romance.

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However, having the right profile photo may sometime be very critical considering first impressions really count.

Psychologists say it is a trend now people select more flattering photos for the profile.

Experts say the key events in our social, professional as well as romantic lives unfold on the internet.

It is very true as a survey finds one-third of employers now search online to collect information about the potential candidate who have applied for a job in the company. It is also found half of adults in United Kingdom who are searching for a relationship opted for online dating site. Now, needless to say that 1.79 billion people across the world are active on Facebook.

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Profile photos establish a critical link between one’s offline and online personas. It is said selecting flattering photos lands with making poor choices and this affects perception of the individual by others. It effects in the decision making of others like whether to employ the person, or to date him or her, or even vote for someone.

Earlier several findings showed people make inferences about the personality and character of a person within a second of seeing profile photo. So it is suggested to place the best face forward.

The new study tried to find out whether selecting one’s own profile photo has positive or negative impact on first impression.

facebook profile photo

More than 100 students were asked to select a dozen of their photos and which will be most and least to be used in professional network site, dating site and social platform.

The same subjects were thereafter asked to select a dozen photos of strangers.

In the second case it was found people selected those photos of strangers that highlighted positive personality traits.

The researchers points out that people know how to select profile photos, but for strangers. It was found photos selected by others were more appreciated compared to those selected by an individual of own photos.

The study finally suggests all the people who are highly active on social platforms to get help from others while selecting photos for their profiles. It will easy and also impressive.

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