Divorce therapy – Cheap toys for girls and help for divorced parents

Before we begin with the divorce therapy let us understand that divorced parents usually have a tighter budget than married parents. They are maintaining two separate households. Single moms and dads often have one income, when before they had two. Many parents find that child support payments take a big bite out of their lives.

Divorce therapy - Cheap toys for girls and help for divorced parents

Divorce Theory – Toys Under $20

Here are girl’s toys that have been spotted online at sale prices under $20. Look around the internet to see if one of these favorites can be located at an even better price.


The Illustory Book Kit has been online for as low as $15 and a few cents. This kit is marvelous for girls (though boys who like to draw or write will be happy with it, as well). Kids who get this gift can draw pictures of their favorite things, write stories to accompany the drawings, and send these creations to a site to have them bound into a real picture book. That’s why it’s called Illustory (illustrated story).

This kit adapts to almost any level. Girls who are into horses can draw horse pictures of their favorite horses and put themselves into the stories. Girls who are into fashion can turn themselves into fashion icons in their own published books.

In divorce therapy many people believe that it’s a good idea to allow the child to make their own decision about the subject matter of the story, even if the story is titled, “Why I Hate Going to Dad’s House”. Illustory is a great gift for divorced parents because it requires quite a lot of interaction between parent and child, which will help develop closeness and trust.

Karito Kids Travel Charmers

These are softer, smaller versions of the Karito Kids dolls, which are similar to American Girl Dolls. They are good toys to use for teaching because the Karito Kids represent girls from different countries, and the Karito girls travel, so a child will learn about even more countries.

Divorce therapy

These dolls are made for girls aged 6 years old and up; however, any girl over 3 years old (small parts) would love them too. It should be mentioned that, since the dolls represent 11-year-old girls, they will not be suitable for 12-year-old girls, who will prefer to read about dolls that are older than they are.

Single fathers, take note here while taking the lesson of divorce therapy. Karito Kids Dolls have won many awards including the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. Mr. Dad’s real name is Armin Brott, a nationally recognized child expert and author. According to, Mr. Dad believes that these toys “help dads get involved with their children, improve the quality of time fathers and children spend together, and (these dolls) have the ability to help dads be better parents.”

Karito Kids dolls include:

Gia (from Italy)
Ling (from China)
Lulu (from Kenya)
Piper (from Australia)
Pita (from Mexico)
Zoe (from the USA)

A percentage of proceeds from the sales of all Karito Kids products is used to help children around the world. Gift givers get to decide which charity to support (school, home, health, or food) when they log onto KaritoKids website with the special codes from their purchases.

Karito Kids dolls will have a large impact for a small price. Karito girls help parents teach:

Reading (there are Karito Kids books)

divorce therapy

Divorced dads are sometimes squeamish about playing with dolls. However, Mr. Dad says that it makes girls extremely happy when their fathers join in to play “dolls”. Also, “research shows that girls whose dads play with them grow up to be more assertive (in a good way), have more (and better) friends, do better in school, are more self-sufficient, and are less likely to smoke, abuse drugs or alcohol, go to prison, or get pregnant as teens.”

Retro Fisher Price Chatter Telephone

This Fisher Price pull toy is hot for kids aged 0 through 2 years old, according to FatBrainToys website. The reason that this pull toy is better than some of the other pull toys is that it has a low center of gravity and seldom tips over. This “phone” is a great toy because moms and dads can pretend to call their daughter on the phone and have little playtime conversations. A similar version of this toy has been around for about 50 years.

Divorced moms and dads can find many cool toys for under $20, though it may take a bit of time. However, parents should remember that there are two important gifts that cost nothing. The first present is when parents spend quality time with their children during the holidays. The second gift is when parents stay calm and get along with their ex-spouses.

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