How to Dress Your Man for Fall

In the fall, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, but changes in weather throughout the day can make dressing difficult. He may not be ready to break out the winter wear, but it’s time to put away the flip flops and wear thicker materials. If he’s not fashion-minded, you might step in and help. Help him reach the classier side of the style spectrum with these fashion trends in his closet.

How to Dress Your Man for Fall
Quilted Everything

Quilted pieces are everywhere this fall, especially on jackets. Quilted clothing adds texture and interest to an outfit. Clothing with quilted designs are a subtle upgrade that he can throw on with anything. For a simple look, pair a navy quilted jacket with a pair of slim navy or black jeans. Get him one of the iconic quilted jackets from Barbour for a classic look that will last.

Clothing that takes a Stand

Everyone is making a statement, and his clothes can too. Clothing and accessories like hats are embroidered with slogans to support social and political causes. He can take a stance on issues he cares about with statement tees, bracelets, belts, iron-on patches, and more. If he’s eager to show his support for what he believes in, check out Spreadshirt for tees with a message.

Graphic Knits

Patterned knits are back in fashion, and the bolder the better. Striking colors make him stand out in the crowd, while classic plaid or argyle designs give him a timeless look. These sweaters aren’t the cheesy ones your grandma made you wear for Christmas; these knits generally reflect the 70s and 80s inspired styles that have hit the runways.


For men, a watch is a must-have accessory. A good watch is never out of style, no matter the season. If your man is the kind of guy who sticks to classics, pick a watch that looks like it could be a timeless heirloom, like MVMT’s gold watches for men. If he tends to be more on the playful side and isn’t afraid to take risks, this is season is the time to experiment. Check out some designs that use funky shapes and colors, as well as larger watch faces that stand out. A man should have multiple watches in his wardrobe, so try getting him something unique that he doesn’t have.


How to Dress Your Man for Fall Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks aren’t just for fishermen. These cozy sweaters are a comfy trend that he may want in his closet. To pick the perfect turtleneck, consider its thickness; some materials may be too hot or constrictive. If he’s warm natured, choose a knit turtleneck made of thin material and a mock turtleneck collar. If you live in a cold climate and want to give him something extra luxurious, get him a cashmere turtleneck that he might not ever want to take off.


No matter what time of year it is, sunglasses are always a necessary accessory. In the fall, it gets darker earlier and the weather might get cloudy, but the sun’s harmful UVA rays can still damage his eyes. Get him a pair of glasses that complements his face shape, whether his face is round, square, or anywhere in between. When it comes to sunglasses, black and tortoiseshell are classic favorites. If you’re not sure which glasses to buy, take him to the store with you and have an expert help you pick out the most flattering sunglasses for him.

A men’s scarf is one of the most sophisticated items he can wear in the fall. A neutral black, navy, or grey scarf will go with anything and looks handsome tucked into a coat. Men’s scarves are typically shorter, so they need only a simple loop tie to keep them secured. This accessory will give him the little extra warmth he needs on those chilly fall nights. 

If you want to up your fella’s fashion game this fall, stock his wardrobe with these must-have staples.

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