> Funny Halloween costume tips for female groups

Funny Halloween costume tips for female groups

Funny Halloween costumes make everyone smile and clever outfits based around female pop groups can be used throughout the year, not just during the scary season. Choose a well-known band from the past or present to make an entrance as a group of 3, 4 or 5 women. Members of the opposite sex may also want to use these ideas as suggestions for dressing up in drag!

Funny Halloween Costumes

Amusing Halloween Costumes for Women

Here are some innovative ideas on fancy dress costumes for Halloween or any other time of year based around female pop groups.

Spice Girls – perfect for a group of 5 women. Pick a favorite spice girl character whether Scary, Baby, Posh, Ginger or Sporty spice. Make a costume out of thin cardboard curved around the body to imitate a spice jar adding soft foam at the top to serve as the lid of the jar. Add funny labels to the outfit to suit each spice girl character along the lines of “use ginger spice with caution.” Add a wig and appropriate make-up to complete these Halloween costumes which are sure to win a prize if entered into a best Halloween outfit competition.
Supremes – great for old fashioned glam and perfect for African American girls. Simply buy, beg, borrow or steal some big black wigs, squeeze into a skin-tight sequined dress, don some high heels and prepare to sing!
Sugarbabes – the more modern version of a female trio, this one is great for teens and adults. Wear sexy clothing to imitate each band member and add some cosmetic contact lenses to make eyes look spooky.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Larger Groups

Dressing up to look like a famous female pop group can limit the number of outfits depending on the size of the band. A different approach is for one member of the group to wear a Halloween costume in the guise of a big star and for the rest of the party to go as the support band. Consider these favorite stars:

Madonna – Her trade-mark pointed breasts and skimpy outfits are easy to imitate with a blond wig and the right clothing.
Duffy – Welsh pop icon Duffy looks like the girl next-door but can turn into a vampire with the right make-up and tight dress.
Lilley Allen – Great for young teens, her innocence fits perfectly with the scary season.
Christina Aguilera – This pop star is famous both for her looks and her sexy outfits. Her style can be turned into a vampire look effortlessly.
Beyoncé – Add some crazy contact lenses, a long black wig and practice some dance moves.

Halloween Outfit Ideas for Women and Men

Funny Halloween Costumes

Stuck for finding a group of female friends this Halloween? Just pick an iconic band like Abba to imitate with a mix of men and women. Go to the nearest charity shop or thrift store to find some platform boots. Buy a wig, a sequined top, tight pants and practice singing Mamma Mia! Abba costumes work well all year round so it’s worth spending time and money on finding just the right fancy dress outfit this Halloween.

Naughty Halloween Costumes for Couples or Singles

Forget the fake blood and scary ghost and ghoul costumes complete with red eye contact lenses and choose a fun outfit instead. These naughty Halloween costumes are sure to make everyone smile and are suitable for either couples or singles.

Naughty Fancy Dress Ideas for Halloween

Naughty fancy dress costumes don’t need to be vulgar as the key is to add humor to what might otherwise be seen as a mundane outfit. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a little daring of course as dressing up is meant to be fun; just dress according to your personality and the audience of the party you are attending.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Here are some cheeky suggestions for funny Halloween costumes for couples:

Milkman and Housewife – the woman wears a short dress, high heels and a kitchen apron, the man some colored pants and a matching top. He arrives carrying a small milk crate and spends the evening following her round trying to untie her apron.
Doctor and Nurse – the man dons a simple white lab coat, long tee-shirt or overall and attempts to peer down the cleavage of his nurse, dressed in a white skirt and white top complete with red cross. Availability of a stethoscope adds credibility to the doctor’s outfit.
Teacher and Schoolgirl – schoolgirl outfits are easy to make with an old gym skirt, short-sleeved blouse, hair pulled into a pigtail and freckles added to the face. The male can just dress as normal; all the girl has to do is flirt outrageously with her teacher all night.
Schoolboy and Headmistress – this one is perfect for an older lady who prefers to dress normally in a smart suit and let her partner behave badly by dressing up in shorts, long socks and a scruffy white shirt with tie pulled to one side; the man just has to secretly pinch her bottom from time to time.
Adam and Eve – only for truly daring couples, simply place some large leaves over appropriate parts of the body. No other clothing is required although a bodystocking is highly recommended to preserve modesty.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Singles

These naughty Halloween costumes for singles are both daring and amusing:

Funny Halloween Costumes

Adam – for single daring males, just grab a large fig leaf en route to the Halloween party and look for Eve.
Frankenfurter – the Rocky Horror Show offers some perfect group costume ideas but for a single male, there can be none better then Frankenfurter. Go raid the wife’s lingerie drawer and pull out some suspenders, some frilly sexy knickers and, if possible a corset which can be tied loosely round the torso. High heels may need to be purchased at the local thrift store then just add plenty of make-up and some red lipstick.
Naughty Nun – single girls can dress in black PVC and make a collar and wimple out of white and black material. Add suspenders and high heels to put the naughty into an otherwise saintly young nun’s costume.
Cream Cake – for girls who want to be funny but not daring, find something cream or beige to wear, preferably furry or fluffy, and then make up two signs, one that says “Cake” on the front and “Naughty but Nice” on the back.

Naughty Funny Fancy Dress Ideas

The Halloween holiday season is about having fun and what better way than to dress up in naughty but funny fancy dress costumes. Just use the ideas above and pictures below for inspiration.

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