How to Win at Speed Dating

How to Win at Speed Dating

Time is our most precious resource. When it comes to dating, that resource can go to waste. Going out night after night to bars, clubs, or social events where you’re not even sure anyone is there with the same objective as you. Striking up conversations when the end goal isn’t clear. Spending the entire night on a single date that you know from the start isn’t going to be a success.

Speed dating is the answer to all those problems. It’s all about efficiency. It’s about meeting someone you have chemistry within the modern world without wasting extra time on those who aren’t potential mates.

Here are some foolproof tips to streamline the speed dating process and get to the point of it all: Finding your perfect match.

Be prepared How to Win at Speed Dating

  • Be prepared. Speed dating is a series of short sessions with potential mates. You have a few minutes to get to know the other person and introduce them to who you are. First impressions matter, so dress up a little. You don’t have to be someone you’re not. Just be the best version of yourself. Know what you’re looking for in a mate. And relax. Everyone is there for the same reason, and everyone feels a little nervous.
  • Be yourself. As you are following the first tip and getting prepared, just remember that you are looking for someone who can make you happy. Someone who likes you for you. So show them to you. Keep conversations authentic. Ask questions about things that matter to you. You’re not there to please someone else by pretending to be interested in something you’re not. You want matches with people where there’s actual potential. What do you want someone to like you for? Share those things.
  • Be curious. Ask questions. In fact, go into the event with a list of interesting questions that will spark conversation and give insight into a person’s true character. Think about the topics that you actually want to discuss with someone else. You’re not rehearsing lines for a play, but you are auditioning someone else for a role in your life. The objective of finding a mate isn’t to agree on everything, but it is to have chemistry.
  • Be open to fun. Don’t get so caught up in efficiency that you forget to enjoy the process. Speed dating is more than interviewing for a job. If you go in all-business, that might be what you come out with. And you may not want that in a partner. (If you do, then go for it, by all means!) But don’t forget to have fun with the experience. Be open-minded, and you’ll walk away with a lot more.
  • Be bold. Get out there and DO IT. Stop thinking about it. Sign up for an event. There are speed dating nights happening all the time. Take a chance. The possibilities of what could happen are far more exciting than sitting at home browsing the internet.

Put these five tips into action, and you’ll be in for a winning experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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