How To Keep Flooring Tiles Clean And Beautiful

This is an era of tiles flooring. It looks beautiful and is durable. The tiles are water resistant and look elegant as well. Amid such good feature it is important to know how to take care of the tiles so that it looks good throughout.

Flooring Tiles

Below are some important tips to follow while cleaning:

First of all it is important to know the quality of tiles as different cleaning method is required. Stone tiles are different from ceramic one and marble tiles are different from variants. If the flooring is done with unglazed or porous tiles, you need to know those are more prone to staining than other type of tiles and hence some extra attention is required. It is suggested to clean up the spills immediately. Also, never use such clean that has color in it.

In case of glazed tiles it is suggested to avoid oil-based cleaners. You may see slippery residue left on it if used such cleaners.

Flooring experts suggest for periodic vigilance as this will keep the longevity of the tiles. The period depends on the use. If too many people keep visiting the room every day, the vigilance should be frequent.

You can simply sweep, do vaccuming or dusting to clean the tiles. Use of microfiber cloth is well suggested. If you are using water to clean, remember to use only clean water, but don’t forget to first remove the dirt.

Don’t forget to clean the grout too after you have cleaned the tiles. It can be done by spreading baking soda paste and scrubbing with a soft bristled brush.

Vinegar too works great for the grout cleaning and also the oxygen bleach. However, you need to read the directions mentioned.

It is highly warned not to use such cleaners which are corrosive or abrasive in nature as it will damage the grout.

Experts also suggest not to use mineral scalers, lime, ammonia or chlorine bleach too.

Once you have finished scrubbing, seal the grout as it will help in keeping water, dirt, mold, grease and stains out.

Cleaning the tiles and grout is a hard work and so is suggested to do on regular basis instead of waiting for it to get worst dirty. Once in a week cleaning will help to make the tiles look beautiful and it will last longer. The flooring tiles in office need to be cleaned every day as the visitors traffic is more there.

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