How To Keep Houses Cooler During Summer Months

The summer season is still here and it is too hot and humid outside. It is hot and humid inside too in many houses, and particularly those indoor places which do not abide by some simple rules about how to keep homes cooler. Don’t make such mistake to live in uncomfortable and hot rooms. Follow the below mentioned tips and take necessary actions to keep your home cooler by about 4 degree. These are proven tips to make your living smoother than before without perspiring like before.

Minimize energy loss

summer months

You need to take care the windows are closed and locked. More to this, repair the gaps to windows. Replace worn weather stripping too. Don’t forget to close the blinds and curtains before leaving home. If possible, use a white thermal curtain liner and fix it on the draperies to reflect heat. Make the door insulated and weatherstripped and close the fireplace damper. Do remember not to close doors or vents to unused rooms as the air will circulate freely throughout the house.

Minimize heat generating

Try to use heat generating appliances during the cooler parts of the day. Plug out electronics like gaming systems and TV when not in use. It is also suggested to use such light bulbs that generates less heat like LED bulbs over CFLs.

Use ceiling fans, ventilation systems

Always remember fans cool people and not the room. So don’t keep the fan switched on when the room is empty. Also, fan makes you feel cool by up to 4 degrees. While cooking and showering it is suggested to use ventilation fans to throw out hot and humid air from the room. Even experts recommend to keep the ventilation fan switched on for about 15 minutes after taking a shower. This will keep out the heat and moisture.

Change filters for better HVAC efficiency

It is recommended to change the air filters every three months during the summer as this will maximize the airflow efficiency and also improve the quality of air. Opt for flat filters as it will capture less dust and keep the airflow smooth. It also comes cheaper compared to the plated filters.

Take care of HVAC unit

Get your HVAC unit checked only by a certified professional annually or once in two years. Ensure that the outdoor HVAC unit is free from grass clippings, leaves and other related debris.

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