Luxury anniversary gifts for men – alcohol gift baskets, sound systems, food, more

Whether a couple is celebrating a milestone anniversary or has made it past a personal milestone, there are certain times when a luxury anniversary gift like alcohol gift baskets and sound systems is the only thing that will do to celebrate the special occasion. Choose a gift that will stand the test of time when choosing luxury anniversary gifts for men.

alcohol gift baskets

Sound Systems and alcohol gift baskets are Anniversary Gifts Men Love

Husbands who have iPods but want to listen to them in the house will love the Bose SoundDock Series II digital music system. Sound systems are anniversary gifts men love because they can enjoy them every day. The SoundDock works with all iPods using a click wheel and an auxiliary input will enable the sound system to work with other portable DVD, CD or MP3 players. A remote is included to change songs, adjust volume or move between playlists. Weighing in at 4.6 pounds, the SoundDock is portable. Bose offers a travel bag and accessories for sale as well, so there are opportunities for other add-on gifts for anniversary presents now or presents for birthdays and Christmas later. The Bose SoundDock Series II sells for around $300.

Anniversary Gifts for Him Can Include a Helicopter Ride

Just as the Bose SoundDock is a gift a married couple can enjoy together, a helicopter ride, hot air balloon ride or scenic plane flight are anniversary gifts for him that both partners can enjoy. Many companies offer flights around major metropolitan areas or other scenic locations, such as the Las Vegas strip or Grand Canyon.

For example, Cloud 9 Living offers a ride in a helicopter around downtown Atlanta for around $330 for two people. The tour passes around the city with views of Georgia Tech, Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Tech and more. Take a helicopter ride and then enjoy a dinner at a local luxury restaurant to celebrate a milestone anniversary together.

Race Car Experiences Make Unique Anniversary Gifts

Luxury anniversary gifts for men

Husbands who love NASCAR and dream of being NASCAR drivers will really enjoy a race car experience. Whether it’s a ride-along or driving experience, race car driving experiences make unique anniversary gifts for men.

The Richard Petty Driving Experience, for example, offers ride-along and driving packages at many popular tracks, including Bristol, Daytona, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Walt Disney World and more. Cost starts at $109 for ride-alongs and $399 for driving experiences. Cost is dependent on the track location and the package that is selected. While participants in the driving experiences must be able to drive a standard transmission (stick shift), anyone can enjoy the ride-along.

The Ultimate Anniversary Present – Fly a Fighter Jet

When nothing by the ultimate anniversary present will do, send him off to fly a fighter jet. Priced at more than $1,000, the fighter jet ride is not a gift for an ordinary anniversary. But for someone seeking a unique anniversary gift for a milestone anniversary, the opportunity for him to fly a fighter jet may just fit the bill.

With the fighter pilot for a day experience offered by Air Combat USA, participants can fly the Marchetti SF260 with no experience necessary. The fighter jet ride package is offered at 32 locations in the United States and involves a briefing and simulated dog fight in a fighter plane.

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A luxury anniversary gift for him should withstand the test of time. Choose a music system he can enjoy every day or an experience that will fulfill his dreams of being a race car driver or fighter jet pilot. A helicopter ride around a city can create a lasting memory the couple will share forever. An alcohol gift baskets are something which results with difference.

Gifts for Him Inspired by His Five Senses

Wives who are looking for unique gifts for their husbands can find inspiration in sensory gifts that appeal to his five senses. These gifts are very personal choices based on his preferences, like and dislikes. Choose gifts he’ll love by picking sensory gifts that appeal to his sense of taste, sight, smell, touch and sound.

Food Gifts He’ll Love

Appealing to his sense of taste can be as simple and low-key as purchasing his favorite chocolate treat to include with a heartfelt card or love letter. Making or buying his favorite dessert is a food gift that will stimulate his sense of taste.

A more elaborate gift option might include buying a food gift of the month club subscription. These clubs are available for beer of the month, hot sauce of the month and more. In fact, clubs exist for all his favorite foods, drinks, desserts and even condiments. Choose a subscription for three months to one year.

Show Love With Gifts for Him

Sensory gifts that appeal to his sense of sight can include high-tech gadgets. Consider choosing a new digital camera, a video camera like the Flip Video Ultra HD, a Blu-ray media player or a flat-screen TV.

These luxury anniversary gifts for him are not the only option.

There are many possibilities to make homemade gifts for him that will touch his heart and show him he is loved, including:

Make a photo book or scrapbook documenting the relationship.
Tell a story about the marriage with a digital photo slideshow.
Make a short video listing his best qualities or a visual love letter.
Craft a homemade card or letter.
These options can appeal to his sense of sight without requiring large expenditures.

Personalized Gifts of Scent

Stimulating his sense of smell is a gift that will be completely unique to the man and the occasion. For example, a man who most appreciates a home-cooked dinner and homemade dessert may love to come home on his wedding anniversary to a house filled with the smell of his favorite dinner and cookies or pies from the oven. Some men appreciate a thoughtful gift of flowers sent to his office.

When purchasing scented gifts for men, it is always best to go with something he already likes. For a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, look for scented products that accompany his favorite cologne. Options often include after shave, deodorant and body wash. Wives who like him to try new scents might like to consider bringing home some samples a few weeks in advance to get his opinion.

Gifts for Men That Touch His Heart

When choosing gifts that stimulate his sense of touch look to soft fabrics or massages. Scheduling couples’ time at a spa can help couples reconnect on an anniversary or weekend away. Massage oils can be purchased to recreate the spa atmosphere at home.

Soft fabrics can include a cashmere sweater, silk or satin sheets, or even new flannel pajamas for him. A high-tech gift option for men would be a new iPhone or gloves that he can use with his iPhone, like the Men’s Echo Touch Sport Glove ($30). These gifts for men come in many different prices so they can be suitable for any gift-giving occasion.

Tell Him He’s Loved With Men’s Gifts

It’s not hard to find high-tech gifts for men that he can use every day to stimulate his sense of hearing. He might like an iPod, iPod speakers or a docking system. A subscription to satellite radio – or an add-on subscription for his favorite sports team or talk-radio host – is a gift of sound he can use every day. A luxury anniversary gift might include the Sonoro Elements W Internet/FM Radio ($500), which serves as an alarm clock, iPod docking and speaker system, internet radio and FM radio.

The gift of sound does not have to be expensive. Make a playlist of his favorite songs or songs with a love theme and add it to his iPod: the modern equivalent of making a mix tape. Leave him a loving or sexy voice mail message. Play romantic music from the early days of the relationship during a special night at home. All these inexpensive gifts are ways to tell him he is special and he is loved.

To choose personalized gifts for men use his five sense for inspiration. Let the occasion determine how expensive or how elaborate the gift will be. Remember that choosing sensory gifts is a very personal choice and should appeal to his own likes and dislikes when it comes to his sense of taste, sight, smell, touch and sound. Don’t forget to consider alcohol gift baskets too.

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