Marriage counseling questionnaire: Is money very important

Marriage counseling questionnaire – Married couples who have successfully learned to handle all the financial dimensions of a successful married relationship are miles ahead of couples who do not master these simple, yet vital money fundamentals. Disagreements over money matters can be handled without much difficulty if a couple is willing to communicate openly and regularly.

Marriage counseling questionnaire

While it may not be necessary for both partners to actually write checks, pay bills, and distribute funds, it is necessary for both partners in a marriage to be involved in the everyday financial decisions, if believed to the marriage counseling questionnaire. This is especially true when it comes to future financial planning and investing money. The success or failure of the marriage may depend on this one, single aspect of money.

Marriage and Money Problems

While money may seem to be the number one problem in most marriage relationships, it simply doesn’t need to be. Start by determining which partner has the desire to handle money matters, and which one has the ability. It is not unusual for one partner to handle the majority of a couple’s financial responsibilities.

The part where married couples get in trouble is when one partner decides they know better and does not consult the other partner regarding financial matters. Another problem area is one partner spending wildly, withholding communication, and then attempting to cover up the over–spending, reveals marriage counseling questionnaire.

Money and Marriage Issues Can be Easily Resolved

Share responsibility for the finances, be involved, and make one another aware. From a simply practical perspective this mutual responsibility and awareness of the financial situation is important, especially if a partner is suddenly out of the picture for whatever reason.

According to marriage counseling questionnaire, the last thing anyone wants is to be left alone to deal with something they know little or nothing about.

A good marriage counseling questionnaire suggests talk about how much money should be saved and what should be invested. If there is a concern over one partner’s spending habits, this should be addressed as soon as possible. Set and maintain goals and purpose for every dollar. Discuss future plans for the money regarding retirement, property, or the purchase of a new car. Money problems are easily resolved if communication is open and honest.

Make Financial Peace With the Other Partner

Marriage counseling questionnaire

When married couples begin to fight over money, sometimes it’s not the money that’s causing the problem. The real issue is control and money problems are just a symptom of that deeper issue. If there are deeper issues in a marriage relationship like resentment, jealousy, anger, or any number of reasons, the deeper issue needs to be resolved first. Then the issue of finances can be more easily resolved.

There’s so much to know here but here are the basics. Married couples handle money successfully when they set priorities, make a budget, decide together about banking issues, decide together where and how much money will be invested. Couples need to learn about investing together, at least the basics, so that both have enough knowledge of a situation if one partner is out of the picture.

Decide together about property, real estate, asset allocation, planning for kids’ future education expenses, taxes, and even who to hire as an accountant or financial planner. If these decisions are made beforehand as a couple, where both partners are providing feedback and any concerns are openly addressed and resolved, then the money problem won’t rear its ugly head.

Everyone has seen couples who fight over every money and financial issue and eventually end up parting ways. They usually explode in an ugly confrontation and eventually divorce where one or both are now forced to resolve the money issues they had as a couple. Only now. It’s even worse because there’s the added pain of the break-up on top of the money problem. Sure seems like it would be a lot easier to learn to communicate and work together in marriage.

Marriage Restoration – Pre-Marital Financial Plans

There are thousands of discussions for marriage restoration that arise after an engagement. Discussing money needs to be a topic handled with sensitivity and honesty. Lying accomplishes little and does much to damage trust and erode confidence in a relationship. Partners need to be open about their current financial habits, history, income, and obligations. These are discussions that need to happen prior to marriage to help both parties determine how money, income, expenses, and budgets will be established.

Discuss Relationships with Money for Marriage Restoration

marriage restoration

There are habits that every person develops towards money. Some are casual or ignore financial issues related to money and some people border on obsession about the details of money related issues. Most of it falls somewhere on the spectrum between the two extremes. Discussing where partners fall on this spectrum will open lines of communication and help outline areas of work that need to occur.

Relationships are about Compromise

Communication skills are a requirement of marriage and couple financial planning. Those who have been used to controlling personal finances are now faced with surrendering and sharing control. These can be challenging situations for couples and require maturity, the ability to communicate, relinquish complete control of the situation, and a willingness to establish new mutually agreeable habits and patterns for budgeting. Communication is important to building these new financial marital establishments.

This is a Chance to Grow for Couples to Marriage Restoration

This should be viewed as a chance to mature before marriage. Learning vital budgeting and money management skills can save couples money and lessen stress over the life of their marriage. Couples can seek financial mentors, read financial materials, and participate in financial education classes offered in many secular and even some religious institutions. Sharing this process can bring them closer and teach them valuable life skills that apply to all aspects of marital life.

Do not Expect to Change People after Marriage

This is often a huge mistake that can be prevented with pre-marital counseling, especially financial counseling. People can learn better financial skills and habits when willing. If new habits are being developed there is hope for a new path. If people are committed to old habits and patterns it is unrealistic to expect a wedding day will change those behaviors.

Financial planning while not a fun topic for couples does help build a solid basis for marriage restoration.

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