Marriage management: Create gift baskets for husbands and wives

Marriage management experts say when looking for creative gift ideas for newlyweds and married couples to enjoy together, consider creating gift baskets using small appliances like waffle makers, quesadilla makers, fondue pots and popcorn poppers.

Marriage management: Create gift baskets for husbands and wives

Buy Small Appliances on Sale

To create a gift basket centered around a small appliance, begin by watching the sales and checking online shopping sites. Many appliances that regularly sell for $39.99 can go on sale for $19.99 after Thanksgiving. Some stores like Macy’s offer doorbusters or 2-day sales, while online stores like Amazon may offer free shipping on holiday purchases, argues marriage management expert.

One way to decide which appliance to purchase is to ask the couple questions that gather information. For example, a mother might share memories of cooking breakfast with her children and ask the couple if they ever use a waffle maker. Another approach is to ask the couple questions as if they have experience with the item or an opinion. For example, “I’ve always heard popcorn makers are healthier than microwave popcorn, but I’m not sure I would use it a lot. What do you think?” A little spying can go a long way toward selecting the gift.

Make Unique Gift Baskets

It’s not uncommon for a small appliance to sit in the box because the couple doesn’t have the ingredients or the accessories to use it. To eliminate this problem, create a gift basket to go with the gift. For example, a mixing bowl and silicone spatula are nice additions for a non-stick waffle maker or quesadilla maker. A set of his and her bowls are fun additions to a popcorn maker and fondue forks can go with fondue maker gift baskets. A set of holiday or solid color tea towels that matches the kitchen décor can add to a gift without a lot of expense.

Creative Gift Ideas

The best gift ideas are unusual but practical. Including food gifts with the small appliance and accessories adds practicality. For a waffle maker gift, add deluxe waffle mix and gourmet maple syrup. Gourmet salsa and organic corn tortillas can accompany a quesadilla maker. Choose white, yellow and seasoned corn and flavored oils for a popcorn maker gift. Package all the items in a gift basket with a few recipe cards.

Marriage management

Making unique gift baskets is easy when starting with a small appliance. Add kitchen tools, hand towels and food gifts to create a practical and thoughtful gift that a husband and wife can enjoy together.

Gifts for Couples Who Like to Entertain

Creating a unique gift basket as a present for a married couple is as easy as choosing a theme and adding accessories, says marriage management expert. Couples who like to entertain will enjoy gift baskets with a bar tools set, game night or movie night theme.

Bar Tools as Gifts

One way couples are trimming their budgets is to go for dinner and drinks less often. Creating a gift basket around a bar theme makes it possible to recreate a romantic dinner for two at home or to add an element of sophistication to a party or poker night.

To create a bar tools gift basket, begin with an ice bucket or a stainless steel shaker and add additional bar tools as they are found on sale. Or to avoid piecing together a set, consider purchasing a ready-made set like’s Steeltek 6-piece bar tools set that includes a cocktail shaker, bar knife, waiter’s corkscrew, tongs, can punch/bottle opener and an organizer for $39.99. Crate and Barrel offers a stainless steel bar tool set with an ice bucket and similar tools for $49.99, without the shaker.

Include other bar items, like a book of cocktail recipes and some bottled cocktail mixes. Fancy stirrers or small umbrellas can add flair. If the budget allows include a set of highball or martini glasses, or a gift certificate to a store that sells these items.

Board Games, Bunco & Poker Nights

A game night gift basket is a Christmas gift for married couples that can be easily customized. Begin by choosing a game that suits the couple’s entertaining style. Poker and Bunco are two games that are popular right now. Other game ideas include Taboo, Scattergories or Bingo.

Marriage management

With poker, there are tons of poker-related items on the market, like poker chips, tea towels, kitchenware and more. Bunco merchandise, dice-theme collectibles and oddities go great with Bunco sets. For other game night gift basket ideas, start with the board game and add items like dip and cheese-spread mixes, gourmet salsa and chips, canned or seasoned nuts and other snacks for hosting a game night with friends.

Movie Night Christmas Baskets

A movie night gift basket can be an inexpensive or an elaborate Christmas gift, depending on what goes inside the basket. A simple gift basket can include a favorite, older movie, microwave popcorn and a couple of movie-theater-size boxes of candy. For a more sophisticated movie night gift basket, choose a new movie, a movie trilogy or a favorite television series that is new to DVD. Add gourmet popcorn in a tin, chocolate candies or nuts, and a bottle or two of wine.

Married couples who like to entertain will love to receive unique gift baskets created around a central theme. Gift ideas for couples include a basket of bar tools, a board game and accessories, or movies and popcorn.

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