Marriage mentoring: Movie costumes for married couples

Marriage mentoring experts always talk about fund things to do in a married life and so movie costumes for couples offer a fun way for adults to dress up for a costume party or Halloween party. Married couples can add some romance to Halloween by picking a favorite famous couple and adding movie costumes, Halloween props or Halloween wigs to complete the ensemble. Look to “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Matrix,” “Star Wars” or “Star Wars: Clone Wars” for inspiration.

Marriage mentoring: Movie costumes for married couples

Lord of the Rings Movie Costumes

Adult couples who love “The Lord of the Rings” can dress as Aragorn and Arwen for Halloween, adds marriage mentoring. For these adult costume ideas, she dresses as the beautiful Arwen and he can dress as the rugged Strider or as Aragorn King of Gondor.

For her costume, purchase an Arwen costume dress and tiara. Add a long, dark Halloween wig. Purchasing Arwen’s Evenstar pendant makes the costume look even more like the movie costume. When dressing as Strider, he wears a cloak with a brown, lace-up tunic belted over dark pants. Add boots and a sword to the outfit to complete the look. Movie costumes are also available for him to dress as the more regal Aragorn King of Gondor. For King of Gondor movie costumes, purchase an adult costume complete with crown, armor, gauntlets and a cape.

Adult Costume Ideas From the Matrix

Married couples who love “The Matrix” can dress as Neo and Trinity for costume parties or Halloween parties. Because the movie costumes were different in “The Matrix,” “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions,” there is some leeway for creating a close match to the authentic costumes. Movie costumes with coats and sunglasses are available for purchase or adult couples can piece together their own Matrix costumes.

To create costumes based on “The Matrix” purchase replica or look-alike sunglasses. Then add a black shirt, black pants and long black coat for Neo. A cassock is a versatile part of many different Halloween costumes and he can get several years of use out of it. For Trinity, choose a short or long black PVC or vinyl coat depending on which movie’s look is desired and what is on hand. Add shiny black gloves, sleeveless top and pants. Both partners should wear black boots and slicked-down hair to complete the look.

Star Wars-Theme Halloween Costume Party

Going to a “Star Wars” Halloween or costume party? Married couples can dress in his-and-her costumes as Han Solo and Princess Leia or Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. For him, purchase movie costumes or make a costume from items found at home. Han Solo needs a white shirt, vest, pants, boots and blaster. Anakin needs a tunic, belt, boots and a lightsaber.

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There are different Princess Leia movie costumes available for purchase. She can choose a traditional or sexy Princess Leia costume, both available in white, or she can buy the costume Princess Leia wears while being held by Jabba the Hut. To dress as Padme Amidala, she wears a white long-sleeved unitard with a tan belt and boots. Add Halloween props like a long, white cape and a blaster gun.

Married couples can choose movie costumes for a fun Halloween. Famous movie couples provide inspiration for adult costume ideas for costume parties and Halloween parties. Buy movie costumes for the most authentic look or make cheap Halloween costumes with clothing and supplies on hand.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Married Couples

Invited to a Halloween or costume party and not sure what to wear? Married couples can use clothing and accessories they have on hand to make cheap costumes. Stand out in the crowd with these homemade Halloween costume ideas.

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Marriage mentoring suggests dressing as a bride and groom is an easy and cheap costume for married couples. This costume idea has some flexibility as the couple can go as a bride and groom, bride and groom zombies or a bride and groom from a different era. For a simple bride and groom costume, he wears his best suit and tie or a tuxedo. She can wear a white dress, carry a bouquet, and make or purchase a veil. The more they look like the stereotypical couple on top of a cake, the better.

For a bride and groom zombie couple or newlyweds from a different era, search thrift stores for discounted wedding dresses and polyester suits. Add face paint to look dead for the zombie costumes and distress clothing for a risen-from-the-dead look. Buy Halloween wigs and add sticks and leaves to hair for authenticity. Match baby blue suits with wide lapels for him with antebellum wedding dresses for her for a wedding picture out of the 1980s.

Add Halloween Props for a Cheap Idea

Dressing as Miss America with a nerd or geek is another way to use clothes that are on hand to create adult couples’ costumes. For this homemade Halloween costume, she wears any very fancy or formal dress. Add Halloween props like a crystal tiara, costume jewelry and a satin sash that reads, “Miss Texas” or another state.

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Her husband dresses up like a nerd. For his costume, start with short pants, athletic socks, a button-up plaid shirt and a mismatched bowtie and blazer. Add Halloween props like tortoise-shell glasses, buck teeth or a calculator. He escorts Miss America for the night and walks around grinning and winking.

Halloween Skeleton Costumes for Couples

According to marriage mentoring expert, Halloween skeleton costumes are easy Halloween costumes to make. Find or make a template for a set of skeleton bones. Trace the bones onto pieces of white felt and attach to black sweatpants or leggings and black hooded sweatshirts. Each partner paints his or her face to look like a skull. Use no-sew fabric glue to affix the felt to the clothing or sew on for a more durable costume.

Cheap Costumes for an Adult Couple

Dressing in togas is a popular last-minute costume idea for Halloween. Married couples can use this idea to go as Romans with laurels on their heads or adapt this idea to go to costume parties dressed as gods. For example, he can be Zeus by wearing a toga and carrying a lightening bolt cut from cardboard and wrapped in aluminum foil. She can dress as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, by wearing a toga and giving out Hershey kisses all evening.

Another last-minute Halloween costume, adds marriage mentoring expert, is to go as a person and his or her shadow. In this case one partner wears last year’s Halloween costume. His or her partner dresses in all black with black face paint and mimics the other person’s movements and poses all night. Standing behind the other person is only required when someone is trying to guess the couple’s costume.

The best homemade Halloween costumes for married couples use accessories or clothing that the couples already have on hand. Adding Halloween props and wigs enhances the costume without adding a lot of cost to the costume. Adult couples’ costume ideas include a bride and groom, Miss America and nerd, Halloween skeletons, Greek or Roman gods and a person and his or her shadow.

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