Monogrammed housewarming gifts and other ideas for newlyweds

Guests at a housewarming party for newlyweds want to bring unique gifts that celebrate both the new marriage and the new home. Unlike small appliances or bottles of wine, monogrammed gifts can be personalized for the new couple. Monogrammed housewarming gifts can include paper gifts, bed and bathroom linens, glassware and house decorations.


Customized Paper Gifts for Newlyweds

Personalized stationery is a useful gift for newlyweds who have a new home. Stationery gifts can come in the form of paper and envelope sets, monogrammed thank you notes, or return address stamps. Since new brides have a lot of thank you notes to write, they can be a good choice for paper gifts.

Another option is a personalized address stamp. Those who think personalized address stamps have to be three boring lines of text in a rectangular box can check out the options offered by A Gracious Plenty, an online store specializing in personalized gifts. This store and others carry sophisticated address stamps created by Noteworthy Collections or PSA Essentials. They feature the couple’s names and new address in an appealing design. Many stamps are offered in sets with paper gifts. A personalized stamp is a gift that can last for years.

Personalized Gifts for the New Bride and Groom

Monogrammed housewarming gifts can include towels and bed linens. In order to purchase monogrammed towels or bed linens, a little detective work is needed. To find towels that coordinate with the home’s décor and bed sheets that fit, gift givers should first look online to see if the newlywed’s gift registry is still available.

Another option is to ask the new bride or groom what colors they have used to decorate the house. Asking the couple’s parents or family members what size bed the couple has can be a last resort. When possible, purchase towel and linen gifts that coordinate with the colors the couple has chosen for the home.

Monogrammed Glassware for a Married Couple

Sometimes it isn’t possible to find out the couple’s color selection for towels and sheets. In these cases, monogrammed glassware can be a good gift choice. A couple who likes to entertain friends with beer and football may like to receive monogrammed beer mugs. Sophisticated couples who have dinner parties or work-related parties may like wine glasses, serving trays or highball glasses. Companies like Red Envelope have many glassware gifts that are able to be customized with monogramming.

Monogrammed Gifts for a New Home

Customized address plates and personalized wall decals are two gifts that celebrate both the new couple and the new home. Address plates can be made of materials such as brass, aluminum, slate, ceramic or resin and price is dependent on the material used. Many companies offer selections that include the house number, street name or family name. Address plates and plaques add a polished look to the outside of the home, customize the property and help guests locate the home. Whether a brass plague is being ordered or a slate is being custom-painted at a craft fair, be sure to use the proper address and spelling.

Wall decals (also called wall stickers and wall transfers) are becoming more popular as a hot home-decorating feature. Many people may think of personalized wall decals as primarily for a child’s bedroom but there are much more sophisticated options. Wonderful Graffiti is one online company that offers personalized wall decals for adults. These monogrammed wall transfers are ideal for large foyers, master bathrooms or bedrooms. Choose personalized wall decals with care or select gift certificates to companies that offer them.

Monogrammed housewarming gifts are a great way to celebrate a new marriage and new home. Paper gifts, towels and linens, glassware and home décor can all be made into personalized gifts. Always be sure to spell names properly and use the correct initials, as customized gifts often cannot be returned or corrected.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for First Four Years

Shopping for the perfect gift can be difficult and add to an already stressful day. This does not need to be a great ordeal. The first decision can be the hardest of all. That decision is whether to follow a traditional or modern list. If the decision is made to follow the traditional list, rest easy because here is help for the weary shopper.

Paper Gifts for First Wedding Anniversary

Following the traditional list, the first anniversary gift is paper. Paper seems like a simple gift and difficult to use in expressing the real feelings of this special day. With a little thought this does not have to be the case.

Gift ideas:

Paper roses
Frame the first love letter
Personalized calender-Start first month with picture of first date, last month with wedding photo.

Unique gifts for travel:

Plane ticket – Make plans for a day or a weekend to relax while enjoying the company of each other.

Cotton Gifts for the Second Wedding Anniversary

The second year gift is one of cotton. There are many different gifts readily available for this day. The only choice is to enjoy a night at home or one out on the town.

Gift ideas:

A double hammock
Personalized pillows
Embroidered Afghan – Have two hearts intertwined with both family names inside linking the couple together.

Unique gifts for travel:

Picnic blanket – Have a picnic near a beach or lake or drive to the countryside and enjoy a fresh meadow.

Leather Gifts for Third Wedding Anniversary

Leather is the gift of the third anniversary. This gift could be a little more expensive than the previous two anniversaries. In addition to this, it is more difficult for a spouse to personalize these items unless he or she knows where to go. With a little research this anniversary can still have a personal touch.

Gift ideas:

Leather chest with drawers
Leather flowers
Leather photo album – Add pictures from the past three years and be sure to add ones for new, happy additions or transitions.

Unique gifts for travel:

Luggage set – Plan an exotic get-a-way or a fun break.

Fruit and Flowers for Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Year four offers a little more variety. Fruit and/or flowers are the gifts for this anniversary. With an ever growing love, it is easy to use living gifts to represent the past feeling and what is yet to come.

Gift ideas:

Fruit basket of the month club membership with first basket
Flower baskets to create a small garden
Bonsai tree kit – Grow a bonsai tree. Over the years as the tree grows it shows the increasing strength of the relationship.

Unique gifts for travel:

A holiday – Plan a trip to a tropical island for a weekend.

With a little planning ahead, it is easy to have the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. Remember that price is not that important because homemade gifts can mean more then any item that is store brought. While some of the listed ideas are more expensive than others, they all have in common the ability to share the feelings felt throughout the year between two loving individuals.

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