NSA relationship chic dressing tips to attract men

To start with NSA relationship everyone knows that men find women to be their sexiest when they can see a little, but not too much. Well, there is a certain black magic to knowing the right ratio of skin versus suggestion. It is here to note that one should be open for ENTJ relationships or ISFP relationships.

What to Wear to Meet Guys for NSA relationship

A woman has to play a better game these days in NSA relationship; now that whole generations of men have been taught to outsmart naive women, using tricks taught by men’s talk-show host Tom Leykis.

Any female, who is interested in attracting the right guy, the right way, needs to be conservative, sophisticated, feminine, slightly sexy, and much smarter than most guys. However, when it comes to men, it all starts with what they see to go ahead for a NSA relationship.

Dress Chic to Attract Men

A woman needs to experiment and pick a style that suits her disposition either for ENTJ relationships or for ISFP relationships, but a style that enhances her natural properties. According to, the definition of chic is “a distinctive mode of dress or manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit.”

Examples of chic style

Sexy Preppy: Think tennis skirts, soft sweaters, and fitted polos.
Sexy Business: A pencil skirt, button down, and stiletto pumps are seriously underestimated.
Sexy Glamorous: Like Victoria Beckham, as she dresses now.
Sexy Girl Next Door: See Jennifer Aniston for ideas.
A guy wants a girl he is proud of, not one who looks like a one-night stand.

Chic Shoes for Women

Always wear heels. High heels make a woman stand up straight, and push her derriere and bust out. They also make a girl’s walk sexier because she wiggles when she walks. According to The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara and Allan Pease (Bantam, 2006), Marilyn Monroe cut a fraction of an inch off the heel of her left shoe to exaggerate this effect, however, that’s not recommended because a cast isn’t sexy.

How to Get a Man to Notice a Woman

nsa relationship

Two very important things in NSA relationship are fabric and color. It’s surprising just how far the suggestiveness of a soft cashmere sweater or the attraction of a silk blouse will get a girl. Women should add some natural fabrics to their wardrobes. According to Ginie Sayles in her book How to meet the Rich: For Business, Friendship, or Romance (Berkley Trade, 1999), natural fabrics connote higher class and sexiness.

Wear Red to Attract Love: Colors are extremely important. Red is probably the sexiest color. Women who think that they cannot wear red are mistaken, as there are many shades of red. Some girls look better in blue red and some in orange red.

Pink Colors: Hot pink will grab a man’s attention. It could be called “The Barbie Effect”. Baby pink is one of the most important colors a gal can wear because, subconsciously, it reminds men of baby girls.

Chic Nails

As important as clothes are in NSA relationship, personal grooming is much more important. Men care about a girl’s figure and how she is put together. However, proper nails and pedicure are more important, because this shows good breeding.

Nails should be medium length.

If acrylic, keep them short. Shape should be square with round edges. French style only. Nothing else is acceptable.

If natural nails, it’s okay to use red (not orange red) or a color like OPI Bubble Bath. Coral or blue are wrong.

Keep up with maintenance and go to someone good. A woman’s nails are a class indicator. After a girl has a boyfriend, she can do whatever she wants, but until he catches her, she should stick with tradition.

When trying to attract men, a pedicure should either be:

Red polish
French manicure


nsa relationship

Eyebrows should be done by someone good, because brows are on the face and frame a girl’s eyes. This is much more important than a bikini wax.

Chic Clothing

Women should make sure they wear the clothes and the clothes do not wear them. Men don’t care what is in style. Sexy is sexy, no matter what trends the designers are pushing this year.

Above all, a girl should remember that if she is interested in getting married, or remarried, she should come across as a woman of class. Most good men marry ladies, not trendy tarts.

Smart Chic Women

Look good. Use proper etiquette, but have fun and smile. Being fun trumps proper etiquette anywhere. To go the distance, use this lethal combination:

Keep up with current events (Wall Street Journal not People Magazine)

Be witty and fun
Act confident
Look sharp

A smart chic woman can have just about any man she wants. No matter how anti-feminist this information feels, when a woman wants to get married and have a family, the tried-and-true methods really work.

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