Reasons of love marriage problem for married couples

Love marriage problem is one of the biggest problems in life. To avoid it commitment to a marriage or partnership is important, and with that commitment sexual fidelity holds a vital place. Researcher T.W. Smith reported that 90% of the American general public believes that it is wrong for a married person to have sex with another person. This is stated in “Attitudes Toward Sexual Permissiveness: Trends, Correlates, and Behavioral Connections” in Sexuality Across the Life Course (University of Chicago Press, 1994).

love marriage problem

Infidelity causes love marriage problem and people to run from relationships because the trusted commitment is broken. In homes across America men and women leave or ask the other one to leave when the truth is discovered, such as with Sandra Bullock.

Bullock walks off the Academy’s stage with her Oscar and walks into information which leads her to believe that her husband is being unfaithful.

In the November 1, 2009 issue of Parade Magazine, Bullock said of her relationship with Jesse James, “I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but he committed for the long haul.” Unfortunately, James’ long haul only lasted for a few years, rather than for a lifetime, instead it seems he chose infidelity rather than commitment.

Why Do Men and Women Cheat

love marriage problem

Infidelity in a relationship leading to love marriage problem happens for a number of reasons:

There is a physical and emotional rush that happens during the affair. This is very much true in almost all the cases.
An idea or literal control over the spouse or partner, as well as with the cheatee. The cheater controls the situation at home and with the lover and that gives him/her a feeling of empowerment. He or she comes across love marriage problem at both ends.
Superiority is established in the cheater’s mind because he/she is getting away with this, and the “dumb” spouse/partner will never discover the infidelity.
Bad character, morals, or disregard of the human lives that will be displaced due to the indiscretions.
Rationalization occurs such as, “It’s not that bad”, “No one will know” or “What isn’t known doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Ways to Guard Against Cheating

Judith Treas and Dierdre Giesen conducted a study – “Sexual Infidelity Among Married and Cohabiting Americans, 62:1, 2000” – about cheating spouses and partners and reported their findings in the Journal of Marriage and Family. There study found that there are several ways to guard against cheating:

Don’t lead separate lives, instead be involved with each partner’s co-workers and familiarize each other with the work routine and schedule travel-related work together or take the minimal number of separate trips. This is one of the best suggestions to avoid love marriage problem in life.
Stop any ideology of one person being more important than the other or blatant inequities in the marriage. Allow each partner to hold the same respect and honor as the other.
Most of the marriage coaching experts put this view in the forefront that unhappy people are more likely to have affairs, so take an inventory periodically together to see how the other person feels about the relationship and communicate any dissatisfaction openly and honestly. Instead of defensive responses, listen and come up with solutions of how to make the situation better.
Couples who are involved together in a religious community were less likely to have extramarital affairs and are less likely to have love marriage problem.

According to a renowned marriage coaching expert these are only a few ways for couples to guard against cheating. In their study, Treas and Giesen found that in a review of clinical and research studies, a total of 31 reasons for extramarital relations were identified with most falling under the categories of sex, emotional intimacy, love, and ego bolstering.

Communication Between Partners is Key to Preventing Cheating

Although 31 reasons for cheating pile up against fidelity in partnerships, communication between the partners serves to alleviate many of these potential relationship killers.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage (Penguin Group, 2010), she writes how important communication is in marriage. She says that if people find that they are sharing something intimate with another person that historically they would have shared with their partner first, then this is usually a first sign of trouble within the marriage or partnership. This is one of the roots for initiating love marriage problem.

Gilbert emphasizes that emotional affairs usually occur before sexual infidelity and that if someone finds that he is sharing these intimate details, then talk with the spouse or partner about it by saying, “I’m finding that I am sharing intimate details with Cindy that I used to share only with you.” Although this would be a difficult conversation, the communication and honesty could go a long way in preventing the sexual infidelity that is so hard to forgive and forget in a marriage.

Marriage coaching expert suggests couples need to be true to each other and avoid getting too much intimate with other person like colleagues, employees or business partners.

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