Respectful relationships compatibility using differences in life paths

To determine relationship compatibility in love numerology, a numerologist must first determine the life paths of the two individuals involved in the compatibility check.

Respectful relationships compatibility using differences in life paths

The life path is found by adding the day, month, and year of birth together and then adding across until a single digit is achieved.

This example is for January 17, 1901 (1/17/1901):

1 + 17 + 1901 = 1919
1 + 9 + 1 + 9 = 20
2 + 0 = 2

The life path for January 17, 1901 is two.

After life paths are determined, the numerologist then reduces master number life paths to a single digit. These life paths are then subtracted from each other. That number indicates the major issues that relationship partners will need to consider if the relationship is going to be successful.

Free Love Numerology Relationship Compatibility Interpretations

Following are free short sample interpretations that a beginning numerologist can use to start to learn about love numerology.

Zero in Love Numerology – The number zero is called the all or nothing number and only occurs when two identical life paths are being compared. According to Kay Lagerquist and Lisa Lenard in their book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology, “The number 0 shouldn’t be ignored. It represents an energy that’s unformed and pregnant with potential.” In numerology relationship compatibility the zero indicates that the relationship has tremendous potential to be successful. It will either be really great (all) or a complete disaster (nothing). Provided the two educate and genuinely care about each other, the sky’s the limit here.

One in Love Numerology – Independence will be needed by one or both of the people in this relationship. Trying to control where the other person goes or what they do will result in this relationship crumbling apart. When both are allowed to be independent, they are capable of creating and leading together.

Two in Love Numerology – Balance in life is needed by one or both partners. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life must weave together and balance out. One or both partners will need to work on keeping conflicts to the minimal; otherwise the stress will drive someone away.

Respectful relationships

Three in Love Numerology – Expression and communication is needed in this relationship. Each partner must be allowed to communicate and express what they are feeling in an open and clear way without the fear of reprimand or rejection. If communication and freedom of expression are not allowed the relationship will fizzle over time.

Four in Love Numerology – In this relationship, the two partners need to work hard and they must maintain a good degree of discipline. As long as they work together this relationship has the potential to be built up with a strong foundation. That strong foundation helps the relationship to stand strong when there is turmoil of emotions or crisis situations that would normally tear other relationships apart. When the discipline and hard work are not put into this relationship, the foundation is weak and will bend or break during those turbulent conditions. Additionally, each person must learn when to bend to the will of their partner and not be resistant to his or her ideas.

Five in Love Numerology – In this relationship, one or both partners will need to significantly change some aspect of their life in order for there to be completion and happiness within the relationship. Examples of this include a situation where one person may need to convert to a different religion or one partner moving their home. It’s important to note that any changes that occur within this relationship must be thought out and planned carefully, otherwise they may have a negative impact on the relationship.

Six in Love Numerology – Responsibility is important here as is helping with domestic and family chores. Each partner will need to figure out a way to best divide the responsibility between the two of them and then stick with that plan. Helping each other and each others family becomes very important as does sharing love. Commitment will be needed here, thus commitment phobia people will likely fade away from the relationship very quickly.

Seven in Love Numerology – One or both partners are going to need a good deal of alone time and personal time. Spirituality becomes or is important to one or both of the partners and spiritual conflicts are possible if beliefs aren’t openly discussed and explored. Both partners are going to have to work hard to ensure life is organized. At least one partner would do well to learn organization skills that they can apply to their relationship and their future family.

Respectful relationships

Eight in Love Numerology – Major power struggles are indicated here. One or both partners will want their way all the time. Conflict will happen; it’s a matter of how the couple ends up dealing with the outcome of that conflict that matters most. Business or money concerts are likely and one partner may end up working long hours and not be available as much as the other partner would like. This relationship will work best when the partners view themselves as partners within a business. Once the business plan (relationship plan) is worked out and both agree to follow the plan, success is achieved.

Important Notes on Relationship Compatibility in Love Numerology

It’s important to note that the life paths are only one of the keys in love numerology to working with relationship compatibility. A numerologist will also consider how the soul numbers, personal years, and other core numbers compare.

A numerologist will even look at the individual personality traits of each person and number and then compare and contracts them. Only by working with all aspects of both numerology charts will a numerologist be capable of performing an accurate relationship compatibility report.

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