What Is Retirement Village. How To Look For It

After you’ve worked hard your whole life you deserve nothing better than a place to relax and enjoy the good things in life. Here we will discuss about retirement villages.

Retirement Village

About Retirement Villages

Retirement villages refer to small to medium-sized communities specifically designed to cater for the needs of over 55’s or who are no longer in employment. While retirement villages are normally open to people aged 55 plus the typical entry age is mid sixties. Retirement villages are popular for couples wanting to retire in a safe and welcoming community of like-minded individuals and couples. They are not to be confused with aged care facilities which are aimed at elderly requiring full time carers.

Most areas have a good selection of retirement villages so you should have a good choice and you don’t even need to stick to your home area. Many retirement villages are located in relaxing places to retire such as areas with a warm climate or natural beauty. Whatever takes your fancy you should find a village to suit your needs.

Here are some of the services typically of offer from retirement villages.

retirement village

Retirement Villages Services

Retirement villages vary in what services they offer, and essentially it is up to you what services you want provided.
While not intended for those in full time care there may be added assistance services on offer. Many retirement village residents are perfectly fit and healthy and purely want a warm and caring environment to settle in rather than requiring any specific care. In these cases they will often choose a retirement village that offers independent living services. Retirement villages that offer independent living accommodation will usually offer additional services that are paid for separately when required.

For residents that require additional services such as nursing care, help around the home and more, then retirement villages that offer assisted living accommodation are the best option. Some facilities have access to part time care but those needing full time care may be best off with an aged care home.

Retirement Village Accommodation

The accommodation provided at retirement villages varies, and obviously the more you pay the more you get. Retirement village accommodation varies and can start at small and basic bed sitter-type apartments through to spacious, luxurious homes. In some cases there will be a range of accommodation options within the village itself to suit different budgets and preferences of the residents.

What almost all retirement villages will have are common areas. These create a sense of community by providing a place to chat and socialize. Different retirement villages will also offer a variety of facilities that can be used in the common areas such as pool tables, darts, swimming pools and more.

Cost of Retirement Villages

There are two main types of retirement villages – resident funded and donor funded.

Donor funded retirement villages are generally only available to those that are in financial need. The ongoing costs of a retirement village will come down to the location, level of luxury and number of shared facilities on offer.

In most areas there are a range of retirement villages to suit every budget.

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