Selecting the Right Watch for your style

Selecting the Right Watch for your style

Choosing a present has never been easy. However, with the many models Orient watches for women, men and children, you will quickly find the Christmas gift that will make the greatest happiness of your beloved. So, here are 5 good reasons to give him a watch this year.

Offer a watch, original gift

To please someone this year and forever mark Christmas, why not give a gift that’s out of the ordinary. A watch model that reflects her dress style and personality is far better than the classic chocolate boxes, bouquets of flowers or trinkets. The Orient collection brings together stylish watches that make you want to own and wear them all the time.

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Useful accessory

More than just a fashion accessory, the watch is useful and practical. It will allow your loved one to easily read the time at any time, without having to take his smartphone out of his bag or pocket at work or meeting. The dials with indication will be better suited to those who are not used to wearing them. With the orient watches with free shipping the variations are there.

Trendy fashion accessory

Like the jewel, the watch complements the dress style and highlights the wrists. But as a fashion accessory, she will have to marry with the way of dressing. The Orient brand has this unique advantage of harmonizing with all looks. It is thanks to its sober design, chic and “passe-partout” colors. Its housings, available in four colors – black, steel, gold and pink gold – are easily worn on all occasions. On a daily basis or at a ceremony, it will magnify all wrists.

Perennial gift

Unlike chocolates and sweets that run out quickly, the watch is a gift that has the advantage of lasting. The jewels of the Orient brand are appreciated for their elegant, minimalist and especially timeless designs. Even after several years, their models will stay up to date. Their resistant materials, including leather or metal, will not deteriorate in a short time.

Accessible to all budgets

And one last reason, prompting us to give a watch as a gift for Christmas this year, is the variety of prices that are offered to us. The watches, according to their designs, brand, resistance, and options, are sold at various prices for all budgets. It is not always necessary to spend all your fortune to buy a branded watch.

Intuitively, we tend to think that the automatic is the must. But two things must be kept in mind. The first is that an automatic stops after a few days, so if you have several watches and you alternate there is a chance that the automatic movement is stopped when you take it back. The second is that a rotor imposes an extra thickness on the watch. A manual winding watch will often be thinner than its automatic alter-ego and therefore often more elegant and dressed.

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