Scalar energy healing: Vortex energy of Sedona, Arizona

Scalar energy healing – Human civilizations around the world have attributed special properties to interesting geographical locations. Many are said to be holy or to have scalar energy healing properties.

Scalar energy healing: Vortex energy of Sedona, Arizona

In ancient times, the waters of Bath, England were believed to heal all kinds of ailments. Powerful “ley lines” and other networks of earth energies are said to affect mental and physical health and the places where they cross or meet are especially significant – meeting places like Stonehenge or Ireland’s Hill of Tara.

One of the most popular scalar energy healing places within North America, and a gathering place for energy workers and spiritual seekers, is Sedona, Arizona.

Earth Energies in Sedona

Deep in the hills of central Arizona, USA, the city of Sedona is built around a cluster of earth energies that are only found in hilly and mountainous regions – an bio energy healing phenomenon known as a “vortex” (the plural is “vortexes” or “vortices”).

Natural formations in the red rock hills create bio energy healing systems that enhance spiritual experience and meditation and may help with healing, intuition, and personal growth.

The vortexes are sometimes classified as either “upflow/masculine/electric” or “inflow/feminine/magnetic” but most travelers experiencing Sedona for the first time will enjoy simply exploring the vortex energy and their reactions to the site.

How Does the Vortex Bio Energy Healing Feel

If it’s your first trip to Sedona, you might or might not feel the difference as you pass within the city limits. Located between Flagstaff to the North and Phoenix several hours to the South, Sedona has an energy all its own.

Some people find they feel more tired during their stay in Sedona, as if their body is processing new information and changes being wrought by the powerful vortex energy. Other people feel energized and uplifted while in the area. Some people may feel both, or feel more balanced, safer, or happier. Some may feel no different.

Scalar energy healing

Sedona is lauded as an excellent spot for meditation, spiritual classes, spas, resorts and personal retreats – all of which are available in abundance – because the vortex energy assists us to turn inwards. The city also exists at a high frequency which empowers spiritual pursuits, forgiveness, and awakening of new potential.

The inspiring vistas and the number of healers and therapists who live and work in Sedona also make it a great place for soul work and metaphysical exploration.

As interest in alternative spirituality, energy work, and new age medicine continues to increase, Sedona’s popularity is still on the rise.

Energy Meditation And Sedona

With its breathtaking scenery, Sedona draws visitors who want to experience the energy meditation from one of its many vortexes, (energy meditation points.) Between its beauty, energy, meditation classes and retreats, and meditation tours, Sedona is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys meditation.

The Energy Meditation Vortexes Of Sedona

The Sedona energy meditation vortexes are one of the main reasons that people visit Sedona. Although several vortexes exist here, the four main ones can be found at Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.

These vortexes emanate electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic energy. Sedona is one of the only places in the world that has all three forms of energy. These types of energy can greatly enhance a meditation.

Vortex Tours In Sedona

Although Sedona’s vortexes can be reached by car, many people prefer having the experience of a tour. The Sedona Trolley is a way to see one of Sedona’s vortexes, along with other sites in Sedona. For those who prefer the excitement of a Jeep tour, Sedona Red Rock Jeep Tours and Earth Wisdom Tours offer educational vortex tours.

Meditating In Sedona

bio energy healing

For those who enjoy meditating outdoors, Sedona is the perfect place between its incredible beauty and the energy from its vortexes. If meditating in a more controlled atmosphere is preferred, Sedona has a variety of meditation classes and meditation retreats. The Center for the New Age is but one place to offer meditation classes.

Shopping for Meditation Accessories In Sedona

If looking for a book on meditation, the Golden Word Book Centre carries books on meditation as well as books on spirituality, healing, crystals, and Angels and spirit guides. If in need of other meditation accessories, Crystal Magic sells items such as meditation CDs, candles, crystals, and incense.

There are numerous options for meditation in Sedona. If a lover of nature, consider an outing to Red Rock State Park. With its outstanding beauty, nature hikes, and bird walks, it makes an excellent location to meditate on nature. When visiting Sedona, one might also enjoy a narrated helicopter tour, which includes Native American ruins, a hot air balloon ride, or a stop at the Honanki Southern Sinagua Cliff Dwellings.

In addition to all of the meditation opportunities offered in Sedona, there are also opportunities for those who enjoy yoga, Reiki, and anything of a spiritual nature. Sedona is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature and enjoy some uplifting meditation experiences.

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