The best sunglasses on a budget

Choosing a pair of sunglasses on a budget is tough and this is the reason we have come up with information on a couple of best as well as cheap sunglasses to buy. We have tested some of the best budget sunglasses before compiling the below list. These are UV-protected to protect eyes from the sun and stylish too.

The best sunglasses on a budget

J+S Premium

The J+S Premium sunglasses are just priced $17 a pair and these are comfortable to wear. The glasses had fit most of our testers and these protect the eyes too. These have a classic aviator shape and are sturdy and well built. These come with one-year warranty.

The J+S Premium sunglasses are light and come with good nose pads for better fit on the face. Our testers never felt the glasses may fall apart.

However, there are some flaws. Some found the frame a bit big for the face. The smaller size is 58 mm while the bigger version is 62 mm.

Kent Wang Aviator

It is a premium pair and priced at $55. It offers some extras compared to the J+S Premiums. The Kent Wang Aviator sunglasses are UV-protected but come with no warranty period. This is a serious drawback of course.

These are comparatively smaller and even less droopy than other aviator sunglasses. The steel frame gives a sturdy feel with metallic alloy. These more resilient and stronger than the J+S Premium glasses. The glasses come in three shades – gold, gunmetal and silver.

It is to note that the glasses are more square and gives a feel of more traditional aviator frame. Those who are looking to buy the Kent Wang with polarization, the price will go up. The cost goes up to $70.

Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

The Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses are known for high comfort level and offering good look on most of the faces. These evoke the appearance of Ray-Ban Erika and this is a good low-cost option for the fans of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The best part of Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses is that the glasses come with a lifetime warranty and covers breaking of the set too. This is nice for budget sunglasses and highly recommended.

Our testers found metal arms of the glasses strong. The built quality is good and the manufacturer is offering a mini screwdriver packed inside to help adjusting the hinges when required.

A pair of Sungait sunglasses come at the cost of less than $20. The pricing is good as it is unisex and logo-free.


In this article titled The Best Sunglasses on a Budget, we discussed a couple of best sunglasses which are UV-protected and cheap. These have been tested by our panelists and we believe may suit our readers who are looking to buy a pair this summer. However, the list may differ across readers and we are not claiming these three to be the best. There are more budget classes in the market which can be equally good and available in a budget.

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