The Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Holiday as a Couple

A romantic getaway can be a little scary for a new couple, as this will more than likely be the first time you have spent a prolonged period of time in each other’s company.

However, rather than feeling afraid of the break, you should view it as an opportunity to make many wonderful memories together and strengthen your relationship.

To ensure you both have an unforgettable time together, here are the dos and don’ts for your first holiday as a couple.

plan destination together The Dos and Don’ts for Your First Holiday as a Couple

Do Decide on a Destination Together

While you might have your heart set on visiting Paris or Madrid, your other half might be looking for a more relaxing getaway. It is therefore important to find a destination that suits both of your personalities.

For example, holidays in Lanzarote can be the perfect choice, as the picturesque island offers year-round sunshine, many bars, cafes, stores and restaurants, and stunning harbours that will provide a romantic, tranquil backdrop.

using phone The Dos and Don’ts for Your First Holiday as a Couple

Don’t Spend the Break on Your Phone

Spending your trip with your head in your phone will not only annoy your other half, but it could cause you to miss out on precious moments together.

While it is understandable you might want to check-in with family or friends from time to time; you must avoid constantly checking your phone. Remember, you’re on holiday, so put your phone away and give your partner your full attention.

couple enjoying The Dos and Don’ts for Your First Holiday as a Couple

Do Keep the Holiday Short

As this is your first holiday as a couple, it can be a great way to test the waters for future trips. So, don’t be tempted to book an around the world trip and maybe book a weekend or week-long break together first. It will help you to build up to spending a considerable amount of time together.

Don’t Overfill Your Itinerary

A holiday should provide an opportunity for you to both relax and bond with your partner. However, stuffing too many activities or attractions into your itinerary could take time away from chatting and unwinding.

Instead, sit down together as a couple to schedule one or two activities into each day, so you can spend time chatting in a bar, relaxing by the pool or embarking on a spontaneous adventure.

Do Avoid Stressful Situations

Stressful situations can cause arguments and tension between couples. If possible, try to stop them from occurring by:

  • Leaving for the airport early
  • Finding out your gate number as soon as possible
  • Planning the route to your destination
  • Changing to the right currency in advance.

Don’t Spend Every Minute Together

It is not necessary to spend every minute in each other’s company when on a romantic holiday.

In fact, it can be healthy to spend a little time apart during a break. For example, you could take a swim or enjoy a nap while your partner sunbathes or takes a stroll to the local shop. You will then feel happy and excited to see each other once you’re reunited.

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