Tips To Avoid Overdressing And Underdressing

Wearing a full suit in a crowd of people dressed in jeans and graphic tees can be fairly uncomfortable, and if there’s no opportunity to remove and store away the most common offenders (suit jacket, necktie) it can seem somewhat awkward.


Likewise, showing up in streetwear to a gala, corporate event, or a wedding might cause a degree of discomfort – both for one’s self as well as the other guests or participants.

The Right Shoes for the Right Job – Designer Footwear

Perhaps the most improperly chosen accessory by a great many gentlemen, footwear is the most important piece of any given ensemble. Men should take care to always purchase quality footwear from respected brands such as Clark’s or Bostonian, and designer offerings from Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, or Salvatore Ferragamo.

The style of the shoe is obviously the most important consideration. Both brown and black leather loafers or slip-ons are the ideal staple for any outfit – this style of shoe has become extremely popular both amongst sartorial stylists as well as the cool, casual crowd. A brown leather loafer will look as sharp paired with a light denim jean as it will with a pinstriped navy suit.

designer footwear

Laced dress shoes are far too formal to be dressed down in any capacity, and most sneakers are wholly inappropriate for any formal wardrobe – cheeky statements made at the high school prom aside. By adopting the slip-on leather loafer in both black and brown, gentleman can make sure they are never caught flat-footed!

The Smart Casual Mainstay – Stripes Make the Man

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure safe passage when navigating rather difficult stylistic terrain is to nail the smart casual look – a youthful and modern image that conveys power, promoting a provocative image.

Beginning with a well-fitted sport shirt that bears a bold, colourful stripe or a muted, tonal pattern (according to each gentleman’s taste) – accompany this centerpiece with a lightly pinstriped blazer (wool for winter climates, cotton for warmer weather).

casual men dress

Dress jeans of a fine quality denim and of a generally dark persuasion (indigo, midnight blue) bereft of any fraying should be paired with the aforementioned leather slip-ons to complete this comfortable and trendy look.

This ensemble is extremely flexible and can be adapted at a moment’s notice. Notice a lack of jackets or blazers among the crowd? Lose the coat and drape it casually underarm. Barring any truly formal events – events which openly call for a “formal” dress code – the smart casual image will bear appreciate results.

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