Top 3 Hairstyle Trends In 2018

As we hurtle towards the start of another year, it’s time to take a look at some of the emerging trends that are predicted to be big news in 2018. Below are three of those:

Grown-out pixie cuts

It seemed that everywhere you looked in 2010 and 2011, there was a celebrity showing off her freshly shorn locks. While the style is undoubtedly a timeless one, the A-list fascination with all things pixie is expected to wane over the coming year. As such, the grown-out pixie – as sported by some of the international entertainment celebrities, will be a key look for 2018.

Grown-out pixie cuts

It’s very much a transitional style (that is, worn mostly by women who have decided to make the return to long hair) but that’s not to say it can’t be chosen as a hairstyle in its own right. Just be prepared to spend more time styling it than you otherwise would with long hair or with a very short crop.

Unique color

Make no mistake – bold hair color is going to be hit in 2018. This is one of those cyclical hairstyle trends that has made a return every five to ten years since it first landed in the 1970s. Celebs like Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth, Nicki Minaj and Sienna Miller have already jumped on the bandwagon for this latest revival, and it’s been popping up with increasing regularity on the international catwalks too.

This time around, it’s all about choosing just one standout shade (pink is especially popular, but you should go with whatever suits your personality the best), and allowing some of your own natural hair color to show at the roots.

Textured chin-to-shoulder-length bobs

This is one of the most easy-to-manage styles around and is a great way to update your look if you’ve had long hair for what seems like eons. The shoulder-length bob has been on trend for a while now (thank you, Jennifer Aniston) but in 2018 it’s expected to be a touch shorter, with an emphasis on volume, texture, and clever layering.

It’s an extremely versatile cut, but before you grab your handbag and head to the salon you’ll need to consider your face shape (because unfortunately, it won’t look good on everyone) as well as your hair’s natural texture. Curly haired girls will need to have some layers cut in to avoid the dreaded ‘pyramid’ look, while those among us with very fine hair will need a more graduated cut to make the most of what little natural volume they have. Chin-to-shoulder-length bobs are definitely trickier than what you’d first expect, but when you get this style right, it looks nothing short of stunning.

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