Top Tips How To Make Selfies Look Better

Where you are going this holiday is no more the most asked question, but how you are going to click your selfies there is to be more worried. You need to make sure your pictures look better than you in reality as the tourist place may be once in the lifetime opportunity for you. Here, in this article we have tried explaining how to make selfies look better.


Slimming Down Takes Just Seconds

Take a lesson from a rubber band. Yes, it gets thinner and thinner when you keep on stretching it. Your body too will follow the same concept when you are taking a selfie. Lengthen your silhouette and in the pic you will notice you look slimmer.

How to do? Just tighten through your core. It will result with elongating your spine from neck to hips. This posture also helps in relaxing your shoulders down.

The tip was for standing position, but for seated one you need to sit on the edge of the chair with legs inclined neatly at some angle (ankles crossed). This will help in keeping your body long. Remember, you need to isolate the muscles in view.

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Both tips will surely make you look slim in your selfie.

Double Chin Avoiding Technique

It is usually seen a double chin adds more weight to the YOU in your selfie. To avoid this you just need to point your chin down while taking the pic. Do it similar to what turtles do.

Try the make-up recourse. Just apply warm brown powder eye shadow called bronzer of the tone three shades deeper than your normal foundation just below the jawline, using a small blush brush to get a V-shape beneath the chin and onto the neck. You will see that it beautifully strengthens the jawline and makes that double chin disappear.

Highlight Your Cheekbones More

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Remember, the camera usually flattens the bone structure and this result in making the faces look less sculpted. It is not tough to fix this too. It is a work of make-up. In fact, in other word to say, it’s all about fooling the lens with strategic highlighting and then contouring. Simply dust some bronzer beneath the cheekbones and then very carefully add a touch of highlighter wherever the light hits. Yes, do it on top of the cheeks, cupid’s bow and brow bone too.

Of Course Healthy Lifestyle Helps Too

Don’t consume processed foods. Try to include more lean proteins in your diet. Also, you need to have ample sleep to have a healthy and glowing face. It is suggested to have seven hours of sleep a day. Dietician advices drinking of green tea too during the week when you will be taking selfies as it improves the metabolism. Remember, stay away from carbohydrates, fats and alcohol.

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