Travel cruise wear for women over 40 and 50

It’s that time of year. Spring and summer are almost in view. And, women are starting to say to themselves, “I wonder if I can find a good cruise deal?” Well the next thought is often, “What would I wear?” Here are some good sites online for women’s travel cruise wear and nautical clothes for day or night at sea.

Travel cruise wear for women over 40 and 50

Cruise wear can be divided into three groups: Daytime cruise wear, night time cruise clothing, and excursion outfits. Many ships have ditched formal nights but that’s no reason to wear old grubbies aboard ship.

Night Time Clothing

A black or navy dress is great for dressier nights and a budget gal can wear a simple style more than once, with different jewelry or accessories to tart it up. The dress can be long or short as long as no one looks like they’re heading off to prom. Any outfit with elegant slacks works in lieu of a skirt or dress and women need to make sure their shoes are steady enough to carry them around stormy seas.

On casual nights a woman can dress in whatever she would wear to a decent restaurant back home, though no one has ever been made to walk the plank for over dressing. On most ships, cruise clothing can go dressy or casual.

Excursion Outfits

While it’s fine to wear the same clothing that is worn aboard ship, sometimes nautical clothes don’t translate well on land. Have some options like dresses or skirts for Europe, resort wear for Hawaii or the Caribbean, jeans and jackets for Alaska, and so on. And, make sure that excursion shoes are broken in.

Cute Travel Clothing Boomer Women

Boomer Chicks never thought they’d have to wear stretchy elastic clothing, but with age comes wisdom. No one wants to sit on a plane for 7 hours in tight jeans. So, check out these online clothing catalogs for stretchy, non-wrinkle travel clothes, that can be tarted up to be cute and cool.

Coldwater Creek

This is a go-to resource for travel babes. Some of the outfits look a bit senior-ish, but not all. And, the ones that do can be fixed with hip scarves and travel jewelry (fakes).

Here are some examples of cute travel clothes at coldwatercreek website:

Travel cruise wear

Reversible Chiffon Skirt: It’s lightweight and reversible. One side has a black print and the other has a brown print. This will look great on any gal, though it would be nice if there were a similar longer-option, because Baby Boomers like lots of choices.
Chiffon Scarf with Bronze Acrylic Ringlets: It’s lightweight, funky, and it probably goes with the chiffon skirt for that extra Euro-Boho look.
Nautical Striped Tee: This top is great (interesting neckline) and will be just as cute for shore excursions as on cruise ship decks. Look for good cruise wear in this catalog.

Long Tall Sally

Boomer Chicks can find some fabulous Boho and/or cruise wear in this catalog. Unfortunately, the site is made for tall gals, but some items will fit anyone.

Long Tall Sally is a London company, so it has that trendy chic-ness, found to be lacking in so many US stores. Dear, please give Americans a catalog called ShorterHipperBoomers website for ladies of average height. The following items could work for most heights:

Dagger Top: Embellished vest (cami)
Levant Top: Jersey Tie Shrug in turquoise, black, navy
Nymans Top: Great neckline
Honesty or Innes Tops: Very “European cruise”
Aliante Scarf: A nice phony-Missoni pattern

Lots more hip London-y stuff. Look around.

Garnet Hill

Travel cruise wear for women

This online catalog has so many great looks, it’s hard to know where to start.

Eileen Fisher: Good, but can be a bit boxy for some.
Cool cardigans and pullovers, similar to those at Boden.
Kork-Ease Platform Sandals might let chicks wear dresses from LongTallSally website.
Cotton Gauze Long Dress is perfect for the pool.

Garnet Hill gets it right. Most of their clothes have stretch and no zippers.

SerengetiCatalog Website

Many of Serengeti’s styles are a bit more for seniors, but there are good pieces here for Boomer Chicks. The great thing about Serengeti is that most styles go up to 3X and the outlet has fab prices.

3-Piece Crinkle Pants-Set: This is a cute basic ensemble (for any size) that can go casual, be tarted up for dinner, and is perfect for a cruise or warm-weather travel. All-one-color makes anyone look taller and slimmer.
Denim Tucked-Front Shirt: Cute and boaty.
Flowers and Vines Crinkle Skirt: This is a great travel print. It’s a bit too mid-western (for Europe) with the matching tee, though a different top would make it totally Boho. This tee-and-skirt combo could rock, in a Santa-Fe-way, with boots and turquoise-straw cowboy hat.

Look for other travel skirts and tops.

These are not the only good sites for travel clothing. See, for the items in the photos, and click around on other websites.

While it’s not as easy as it once was for Boomer Chicks to find flattering fabulous clothes, women over 40 know what looks good on their ever-changing bodies. And, online shopping rocks because Baby Boomer women don’t have to try on clothing in front of younger ladies who have yet to find their way.

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