Understanding vibrational or energy medicine

Energy Medicine is gaining in popularity as a method of treating the whole person, without drugs and their possible side effects.

Understanding vibrational or energy medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses positive natural energies or vibrational frequencies. This style of healing is also called Energy Healing, Vibrational Medicine and Vibrational Healing.

It is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to precise frequencies and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored. In other words an illness or disease vibrates to a certain frequency and by finding a frequency that will knock out the vibration of the disease we can cure illness in a natural way.

What Would Be Considered Energy Medicine or Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational Medicine covers the more subtle forms of treatment such as working with

flower essences
crystal essences
programmed remedies

It is a diagnostic and healing approach to illness using energy in various forms and frequencies.

How Do You Discover the Correct Frequency to Use in Vibrational Medicine?

There are a variety of diagnostic tools that can be used. The system I use is dowsing, which goes back centuries. I also use intuitive skills to uncover the source of the dis-ease and to scan the body and it’s energy systems.

Vibrational Healing has the potential to scan the body not only for illness states, but also for a disposition toward illness, that is a pre-physical energetic disturbance that will lead to illness. If we can detect disturbances in the energy field before physical disease develops, then we have the basis for a whole new level of preventive medicine, which we have never really seen before.

How Does Energy Medicine Work?

The Vibrational Healing approach, especially the subtle energy medicine approach, works by using selective frequencies of energy for the body that encourage the body’s own self-healing systems to do the work.

energy chakra

The frequencies that I use are from many different sources, from homeopathy to flower and crystal essences. I will dowse for the correct frequency and remedy needed and prescribe accordingly. The energy of the remedy will then start the body’s self healing process and stimulate the immune system.

Energy Medicine also works very well on clearing out negative emotional energy that we can keep locked in our system, as well as old shocks and traumas that may have been with us for years. This then leads to a happy and healthier person.

What Type of Illness Can Vibrational Medicine Help?

Vibrational Medicine can help mental, emotional or physical illness. I have successfully treated depression and anxiety, chronic pain, skin diseases, asthma, hay fever, recurring infections, infertility and many more.

For example, a client came to see me with intense pain in his back, arms and legs as well as extreme weight loss. He had been ill for 2 years and had tried many medications and treatments ending up on heavy pain killers and muscle relaxants.

After one appointment and taking the prescribed energy medicine remedies he was 50% better and had even made life changes he thought were impossible. After 3 months he had recovered to full health. This is just one of the many cases that have been helped by vibrational medicine.

Medical Intuitive – Carol Ritberger

A Medical Intuitive can sense what’s going on in a person’s body without physically examining him. A Medical Intuitive does not use tools like CT scans or x-rays to make a diagnosis. Most of the time, the person being read is not even physically present in the same room as the medical intuitive.

Dr.Carol Ritberger (Ph.D.) is an experienced and skilled medical intuitive. She is also an author and a teacher. Carol can see the aura of a person she is reading and can interpret the imbalances or blockages as possible malfunctioning of specific parts of the body.

Origin of Carol Ritberger’s Medical Intuitive Skills:

meditation energy chakra

Carol’s medical intuitive skills stem from some two close encounters with death and one near death experience all within a very short span of time, in 1981. Upon recovery from the near death experience, Carol could see auras. Aura is the invisible (to most people) energy body that surrounds every physical body. Carol can clearly explain how a depleted energy body manifests as a physical illness. Sometimes, she can also pick up imbalances in the energy field that haven’t yet manifested physically and hence provide a chance to prevent an illness before it shows up.

Colors and Personalities:

Carol Ritberger is a pioneer in the field of Personality analysis and the association of colors with personalities. She believes that “Personality is the very core of who you are and its inherent neurological hardwiring determines the way you think, why you make the choices you do, and why you act the way you do.”

She offers an assessment of what color a person’s personality is, by the Personality Color Indicator (PCI) in the Ritberger Personality Method™.

Carol Ritberger’s Extraordinary Medical Intuitive Skills:

Being very adept at reading people’s auras with over 2 decades of experience in aura-reading and chakra analysis.
Being able to translate energy imbalance to a physical illness or a condition.
Tuning into the personality color of the person being read and determining the susceptibility of a particular color personality to a specific type of illness.
Listing possible emotional thought patterns that could cause a condition of a specific type.
Offering possible solutions to overcome the problem, some of which could include homeopathy, aromatherapy and nutrition-diet options.
Carol makes no claim that her reading substitutes for medical care and mentions that her readings are of general informational nature.

Books by Carol Ritberger

Carol Ritberger has authored the following books:

Healing Happens With Your Help:Understanding the Hidden Meanings Behind Illness
Your Personality, Your Health
Managing People…What’s Personality Got to Do with It?
Love…What’s Personality Got to Do with It?
What Color is Your Personality?

The Ritberger Insitute

Carol co-founded the Ritberger Institute of Esoteric Studies, that offers courses such as ‘Personality Certification Training’, ‘The Science and Art of Intuitive Training’, ‘Children of the Indigo Light’, to name a few.

For a complete list of all trainings offered by the Ritberger Institute, visit the Ritberger Instiute website

Carol Ritberger’s radio show

Carol Ritberger hosts an interesting radio show on, called ‘The Carol Ritberger Show’, every other Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST. She takes calls from listeners about their specific health concerns. She encourages listeners to offer input on possible topics to talk about on her radio show and does an indepth analysis of a health topic or a physical condition, possible mental and emotional patterns that could cause the specific physical illness and also offers plenty of useful suggestions to overcome it.

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