Unique and Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas

The wedding cake is still very much a traditional part of the wedding reception. Brides are looking for wedding cake ideas that will make theirs a standout. Here are some interesting ones to consider.

Unique and Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Flavors and Designs

-Be creative with the flavor of the wedding cake. Consider these interesting combinations: lemon raspberry, chocolate orange, carrot rum, orange almond, spiced pumpkin, chocolate amaretto, orange cranberry, white chocolate truffle, chocolate raspberry, dark chocolate peppermint, banana coconut, chocolate cherry or apple walnut.
-If having children at the reception, serve them a money cake. It could be a small replica of the wedding cake with dimes, nickels and quarters hidden inside. Be sure to let them know so they do not accidentally swallow anything.
-Have the wedding cake be in an interesting shape, such as linking hearts, a cupid shooting an arrow or kissing doves.
-Have a grouping of small cakes made and display them on different tiers. Each cake could be decorated individually.
-Have the cake designed with the couple’s personalities and hobbies in mind. If both love skiing, have a cake created to resemble a mountain with a bride and groom skiing down it.

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Ideas for Cake Servers

-Display the wedding cake under a glass case until ready to serve.
-The bride and groom could personally serve the wedding cake to their guests. Simply have a waiter follow the bride and groom with a cart with pre-cut cake slices on it, and the bride and groom could quickly hand them out to the guests at their tables.
-When it is time to cut the cake, have it wheeled into the center of the room. This way guests get a close up view as it passes by their tables.
-Light up the wedding cake with sparklers as it is brought into the room.
-Have the cake heralded into the room by the serving staff with lots of fanfare and clapping.
-Instead of feeding each other cake, a nice alternative is for the couple to bite into the same piece at the same time.
-Have a beautiful knife and server set as it will be featured in a photo of the couple cutting the cake. A plain knife can be easily embellished by wrapping wire stemmed flowers around the handle.
-Consider combining the gift table with the cake table to ensure everyone gets a chance to see the wedding cake before it is cut.

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Wedding Cake Toppers Ideas

-A fun wedding topper for a winter wedding cake would be the bride and groom in a snow globe.
-If it is a second marriage for either, and there are children from the first marriage, instead of just a bride and groom as a cake topper, have the appropriate number of children figurines on the cake as well.
-Top the wedding cake with gold letters that are the monograms of the bride and groom’s names.

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