Using inflatable life jackets for best stand up fishing kayak

Best stand up fishing kayak – Inflatable life jackets are a viable option for many best stand up fishing kayak boaters and those that work near the water. They aren’t meant for use in all applications. The National Safe Boating Council has made a number of suggestions on how to best utilize these life saving devices.

best stand up fishing kayak

So why don’t people wear life jackets? Excuses among boaters vary, but one of the most common complaints about wearing a life jacket is that they are heavy and uncomfortable. Inflatable life jackets are an answer to this problem.

What is an Inflatable Life Jacket for Best Stand up Fishing Kayak

Conventional life jackets for best stand up fishing kayak are inherently buoyant, they are made of materials that naturally want to float. Inflatable life jackets use air compartments that provide buoyancy while they are inflated. This difference in design makes inflatable life jackets less bulky and easier to wear, especially in hot weather. They provide good buoyancy and are quite effective when used correctly.

The National Safe Boating Council points out that inflatable life jackets have some important use characteristics that need to be considered:

Inflatable life jackets for best stand up fishing kayak are not meant for use by non-swimmers. In a panic, they may forget how to activate the life jacket.
They shouldn’t be used in active water sports like skiing or tubing. Inflatable life jackets are not approved for whitewater activities.
Owners must inspect and maintain these devices to keep them effective.
Inflatable life jackets only come in adult sizes, they aren’t for use by children. They approved for use by those 16 years of age and older.
Depending on the life jacket design, it may need to be worn to comply with safety regulations.

Styles of Inflatable Life Jackets for Best Stand up Fishing Kayak

Inflatable life jackets either automatically inflate or need to be manually deployed. Most devices use a carbon dioxide gas cylinder for inflation. Inflatable life jackets come with a backup oral inflation tube that can be used to deflate the life jacket after use. Styles of inflatables include:

best stand up fishing kayak

Stole – Worn over the shoulders, this design provides for free movement and look like a pair of suspenders
Belt Pack – Worn around the waist, much like a fanny pack. They require the user to don the life jacket after entering the water, what can be a difficult proposition
Vest – Inflating mechanisms can be incorporated into a vest with a number of pockets. An example could be a fishing or work vest

Inflatable life jackets are attractive option for best fishing kayak for big guys. When traveling with an inflatable jacket, be sure to check airline polices before making the trip to the airport. Federal regulations don’t prohibit carriage of these devices on commercial aircraft, but air carriers do vary in what they will allow. Technology has greatly improved life jacket design and effectiveness. Regardless of the design, the very best life jacket is the one that is worn.

Summer Boating Safety Tips for Best Fishing Kayak for Big Guys

The definition of summer is a relative thing. In Alaska, for example, a few days above 65°F has all the best fishing kayak for big guys coming out of the woodwork. Boating in warm weather presents its own exceptional problems for boaters. There are things that can be done while boating to make summer safer and more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Boat Motion Hypnosis

The effect of engine vibration, glare, heat, noise, alcohol use and boat motion produce fatigue in boat operators. These impacts are synergistic, that is adding each individual factor together is greater than the sum of the effects. The normal fatigue experienced by a boater is very similar to impairment caused by alcohol use.

Avoid or severely limit alcohol use while boating. Eat before drinking alcohol and be sure one qualified non-drinking boat operator is always onboard. Take frequent breaks and drink lots of water. Rotate operation of the boat among qualified operators. Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is illegal and in the USA carries the same penalties in most states as driving a car under the influence.

Life Jackets or Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

best fishing kayak for big guys

When the weather is hot, the immediate temptation for most boaters is to avoid wearing their lifejackets. Summer weather is the perfect excuse to purchase a new and more comfortable lifejacket. There many new Coast Guard approved PFDs on the market that are easy and cool to wear. Some of the new lifejackets come in the form of mesh fishing vests, belt mounted packs and suspenders. A compact PFD that is easy and comfortable to carry is more likely to be carried.

Many waters traveled by boaters in the United States and Canada are considered cold for safety purposes throughout the entire year. Any water with a temperature of less than 65°F (20°C) can adversely affect a person in the water. Wearing a lifejacket dramatically improves the chances of surviving an inadvertent fall overboard into cold water.

Biting and Stinging Insects

Nothing can ruin an outdoor adventure quicker than a swarm of biting flies or mosquitoes. There are effective repellents on the market based on the well known DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide), IR3535 (3-[N- butyl-N- acetyl]-aminopropionic acid) a biopesticide, and Piperidine (Hexahydropyridine) derived from peppers. Mosquitoes are not only pests, but are responsible for the spread of West Nile virus infections across North America.

Rapidly Building Thunderstorms

Good boaters keep a weather eye out for changing conditions. Towering cumulonimbus clouds are a common site as warm surface temperatures cause air to rise rapidly and promote thunderstorm development. Thunderstorms generate severe weather that can include high winds, increased wave height, lightning, tornadoes and hail. None are good for small craft.

Local weather patterns often see the development of thunderstorms in the late afternoon or early evening. Wise boaters avoid open water during these periods. Finding a safe shelter and letting a storm pass is often a much better option than trying to outrun the poor weather to home.

Enjoy summer boating in the warm weather. Too much of a good thing could lead to a discussion of sunscreen.

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