Ocean’s 8 Movie Trailer Review

Oceans 8 movie trailer

Not too many weeks ago, fans of the Ocean’s Trilogy were surprised with a teaser of the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie which is going to be an all-female spin-off of the heist comedy. The film is star-studded with Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Anne Hathaway, starring alongside Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter to name a few.

While it wasn’t really a secret that a fourth Ocean’s movie was on the way, the teaser and the trailers that followed were quite a welcome surprise, especially when they popped up on social media. The  Ocean’s 8  movie will be released on June 8, 2018 by Warner Bros and it’s directed by Gary Ross. As usual, a lot of casino and poker enthusiasts, including those who play poker online, are excited to watch the movie, to see their favorite poker games being shown on the big screen.

What to expect from this movie? There’s quite an anticipation because of the success of Steven Soderbergh’s first three films. Can the all-female gang live up to the hype? Here’s what we can tell from the trailer.

No George Clooney and Julia Roberts

Some fans may be disappointed to learn that George Clooney is not going to be on this one, as shown in the trailer, but still think that it’s going to be worth seeing since there has been a lot of love for the trilogy.

Just like how the first installment, Ocean’s Eleven started, with Danny Ocean being released from prison on parole, the trailer shows us Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), Ocean’s estranged sister being interviewed in prison before being sent out into the world with parole.

This particular scene is enough to get fans curious as it gives us a nostalgic feel, strongly connecting it to the movie that started it all. However, others expected Julia Roberts to be there as well, as one of the female leads since she had a major part in Ocean’s Twelve, but she also won’t be on this one.

A Big Job for the Girls

The trailer shows us Debbi Ocean assembling her team of accomplices to rob celebrity Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) of her diamond necklace worth $150M at the annual Met Gala in NYC. So, it looks like director Ross is sticking to the Ocean’s movies’ classic theme where a highly sophisticated gang risks doing a big job in a big city.

As in previous Ocean’s films, the trailer shows Ocean using a remote and a projector to flash photos of their target and enticing everyone of how big the payoff is if they’re successful.

Oceans 8 movie trailer

It’s a truly interesting preview because we can see some familiar comedic dialogues of how one of them will turn down the offer first and then eventually agree to be part of the team after hearing the amount of money to be won.

Hitting the Casinos

Of course, no Ocean’s film would be complete without the casino scenes! Satisfyingly enough, the trailer also shows the cast hitting the casinos, which is a great way to show that women can also be skilled at card games, like poker.

In the first movie, Ocean’s Eleven, Danny’s team robbed three casinos at once by hitting the poker tables, probably with poker varieties like Omaha High and Texas Holdem. So, this classic casino feel is not lost in the new Ocean’s movie.

Oceans 8 movie trailer

A Crew of Experts

In the previous movies, Danny Ocean’s team always consisted of experts in many different areas that helped them accomplish their goals. Ocean’s 8 will be no different with Debby Ocean selecting a highly organized team of highly skilled individuals that the authorities are no match for.

In Ocean’s twelve, we have the pickpocket Matt Damon and an acrobat who played a huge part toward the end of the movie. The Ocean’s 8 trailer shows a jewelry expert (Mindy Kaling) that will help them forge fake versions of the necklace that they will use in order for them to steal the real one.

And another pickpocket (Awkwafina) and a pool shark (Rihanna). This is a trademark of an Ocean’s team, each character with their own strengths and unique quirks which is what makes an Ocean’s movie fun and unforgettable.

Women Empowerment?

We’ve seen the Ghostbuster spin-off not too long ago, starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy and there has been a mix of reactions to it, as expected in today’s unfortunate backward culture. It was bombarded with a sexist backlash with some insecure men whining about why women shouldn’t play those parts.

The Ocean’s 8 trailer is enough to spark a conversation once again about women empowerment and surely, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Already, we are seeing comments from men saying that Ocean’s 8 is a joke because Ocean’s Trilogy is supposed to be about the coolest wave of “manpower”.

Should you watch it? At least check out the trailer and see for yourself. Don’t listen to the hate and give the movie a chance.


What is seemingly unique about the Ocean’s 8 movie is that it has a lot of potential to garner new fans who have seen the trailer. Those who haven’t seen the Ocean’s Trilogy could very well be interested in this new movie just because of the all-female cast. This is great because it may also get them interested to watch the first three Ocean’s movies.

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