Beginners’ Tips: How to Play Guitar

Put down the Guitar Hero, it wont help you to learn the real guitar basics. When learning to play the guitar, you’ll need to consider some key points like guitar chords, benefits of acoustic guitar when starting out and the importance of practice. So, here’s some tips:

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Guitar Chords

As the first port of call for most new guitar players, guitar chords are what you’ll need in order to learn to play your favourite songs or even make your own. If you can master just four or five chords, you’ll be putting yourself in get in stead. Some are fairly easy, and others are more complex. Some good guitar chords to start with are A, D, E, G, E minor and C. Of course, learning takes time but these are some of the easier chords to get your fingers around and not only do they sound great, you’ll also be able to find a vast number of songs that use these chords. You can find guitar chords for a wide range songs online.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars have wider necks or ‘fret-boards’ than electric guitars, making the acoustic slightly harder to get to grips with. BUT If you do take the acoustic route, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run. Whilst it may be tougher on your hand and fingers, a considerable amount of practice will ensure that when you move onto the electric guitar, your fingers will be much more nimble and chord changes on a narrower neck will be quicker, smoother and seem almost effortless.

Gibson and Fender

You’ll find a varying number of models and brands available. The two most popular brands amongst guitar players are Gibson and Fender. Jimmy Hendrix famously played a Fender and the likes of Kings of Leon often use the Gibson. Perhaps you’ll find something different all together. It really is a matter of preference. Before buying an electric guitar, take the time to ‘test drive’ a few whilst you’re shopping around. It’s important that you find something comfortable, whilst suiting the sound you want.


Aim to practice for at least an hour day!

Playing the guitar isn’t easy and it’s particularly demanding on your hands and fingers. Guitar strings will hurt your fingers and after a few sessions, you’ll notice that your soft finger tips have become quite tough. This is common for guitar players and the small amount of pain in the early stages is a barrier you’ll overcome. Keep playing and the skin on your finger tips will soon develop a strong coat that keeps the pain away.

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