How To Enhance Google Play Music Experience

Google Play Music is a good competitor to Spotify, but it has not received equal attention by the search engine giant as Gmail and Maps. Here are few tips to enhance your listening on the platform and get the most out of it:

google play music

Upload tracks

It is not necessary to subscribe the paid version of Google Play Music to listen your track. You can upload your favorite songs and stream those any time to any of your devices. The feature is highly useful if you store rare tracks which may not be available on the platform.

Head to the Music Manager client for Windows or macOS or else use the Google Play Music extension for Chrome to upload your music. You can even use Upload Music option on the web app menu to do the same but one by one.

Improve quality

If you are using the Google Play Music on your mobile devices, the quality of streaming and downloading automatically caps to save the cellular data bill. You can change the quality heading to the settings.

Head to the app menu and tap setting there. Next, scroll down and see the options like streaming on mobile, streaming on Wi-Fi and download quality. Click on the highest quality of all the three or as wished.

Tweak music recommendations

Google takes the help of your previous listening history to tweak some good and favorite recommendations. You can also add up your own choices by heading to the feature Improve Your Recommendations under General option in the app menu.

You can delete your preferences anytime by heading to Delete Recommendation History.

Sleep timer

Head to the Settings page from the app menu and choose Sleep Timer where you will get a countdown timer. The music will stop once it runs down. This feature does not mess with other apps and alarms.

Edit metadata

You can edit your uploaded tracks anytime. You can edit the metadata of the files like album name, track number, genre and release date.

However, you need to be on the web to do this and also note that editing the metadata for tracks streaming from Google’s library are not allowed.

Queue tracks in advance

You can queue up your tracks to see what tracks are coming up.

Desktop notification

It is suggested to turn on desktop notifications to quickly see the track and track names which are currently playing.

Head to the Settings page on the web and check labs section. Here you can turn the Desktop Notifications either On or Off.

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