How Google Home Is Helpful To Music Lover

There are much to learn about Google Home and here we will discuss how it will be highly helpful for you if you are a music lover.

google home

Multiple services

The Google Play Music is the default music service and so when you switch-on the Google Home you don’t get music from other services. However, it also works with other services including Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. You just need to specify while placing the command like “OK, Google, play some music…”

It is here important to know that you can’t ask Google Play Music to play your choice if you are using the free version. To enjoy your choice and that too without any ad in between, it is suggested to subscribe Google Play Music.

Multiple rooms

You can set up a speaker group and make the Google Home play music on multiple speakers. Just note that all the speakers should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Tap the menu button on Google Home app in the top-left corner and thereafter tap on Devices option. Here you will see list of speakers from where you can create a group. It’s simple and meaningful. It’s dashy and comfortable not to gather all the members in one room to enjoy music.

Cast from Chrome

You need to use Chrome to flip the audio from laptop’s tiny speakers to Google Home for better sound quality. Simply click on Cast in the top-right corner and then select either Google Home speaker group of Google Home. It’s done. You start enjoying music on the Google Home speark through a cast technology.

Cast from phone

Casting music from smartphone has also been made simple with the Google Home. However, you can’t do so from YouTube app. It is restricted as you need to have a Red subscription to get the YouTube music on Google Home speaker. You can use Spotify Premium account. Simply tap Devices Available at the bottom.


Sometimes you may be really confused as to what to listen and then radio is the best friend. Fortunately the Google Home can also play radio for you. Simply say, “OK, Google, play 92.5 The River.” You will instantly get the radio connectivity and enjoy their selection, and of course the chit-chat of RJ. If you are looking ahead to listen news, simply say “OK, Google, play NPR.” It’s done. You get all the live news from NPR.

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