How To Choose Best Music Storage Services

Accessing music in the cloud is the latest way to enjoy music and three key players in offering such service are Apple, Amazon and Google. Below are brief explanations of the three products for you to compare and choose the best.

How To Choose Best Music Storage Services

iTunes Match

iTunes Match service comes from the stable of Apple. It is for those who want to stay in the walled garden of the iDevice giant. Yes, not for Android users. It is a great program, but one downside to take note is that there is no Web player on it. Also, downloading it on a computer is really a pain. It only supports streaming on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV. It only supports MP3, AAC and WAV/AIFF. It does not support OGG, WMA and FLAC.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon offers 10 times more storage than iTunes Match. For the same pay of $25 annually users can upload 250,000 songs. More to this, the music stored here can be accessed virtually everywhere. Also, most of the audio formats are supported by Amazon. However, one important downside to note is that matched songs are offered as a 256kbps MP3 where as that of Apple’s is 256kbps ACC and Google Play offer 320kbps MP3.

Google Play Music

Google has recently increased the amount of songs that can be stored. Earlier it facilitated 20,000 and now it has been hiked to 50,000. The best part to take note is that the service comes free and moreover the stored songs can be streamed on the Web. This mean it can be accessed from iOS device too. It supports the largest file size too compared to other two players – 300MB.

The above are music storage services, but for music streaming services you can check products like Spotify and Beats Music.

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