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Where to Buy a Handpan Drum

So, you decided to buy a handpan. You must understand it is a significant investment, but if you choose right it will totally worth it. Qualitative handpan instruments make lifetime friends if you take good care of them. And the market opportunities are infinite: marketplaces, drum store or individual purchases. This article will help you to choose wisely to make sure your purchase is cost-effective, but no quality sacrifices are made.


As it was said before, handpan is quite an investment, so most of us look for the best offer on the whole Internet, BUT… Never buy a Pan from AliExpress! Saving money isn’t worth the pain, which you will order from there. There is a whole lot of fake Hangs and low-quality handpans.

Original Hang instrument

PANArt Hang is the Holy Grail for each handpan lover. Original Hangs have been out of production for over 5 years already and cannot be purchased anymore. And the owners of Hangs wouldn’t easily part with their masterpieces. The price for a used PANArt Hang can be above $10000USD, so this is probably not the best option for your first handpan ever.

A second-hand pan

Lower prices hunt might lead you to a second-hand instrument market. Pan is a sophisticated instrument in terms of tuning and treatment. So be careful not to buy yourself tuning malfunctions along with the drum. There can be no confidence in how a previous owner treated their instrument before selling, it can be damaged irretrievably and you might not even notice it from the first sight.

And even if the pan was ok at the moment of purchase, the unprofessional packaging can lead to an irreparable breakage.

Risks are too high here in my view, but if you know the seller in person and trust they were a responsible handpan user, go ahead!

Fresh and young manufacturers

Handpan Fresh and young manufacturers

Handpan appeared as a handicraft instrument and now many crafters try to create and sell their own handpans. Not yet having brands or history, they represent their creations as a handmade job which is their competitive advantage.

But you’ll need to make a research. Google the maker and ask the community about his instruments, read the reviews. Many young crafters are not experienced enough and their works are only prototypes that leave much to be desired. After all, a handpan is a musical instrument that must live up to certain standards. There are talented people out there, but first, consider if an investment in their talent will pay off in a good way.

Direct purchase from official manufacturers

Handpan is not a trinket, I hope you understand that. So this or that way to get a qualitative item that will sound wonderful and will serve you for years and years you better address a reliable manufacturer. They will provide you with:

  • full consultation about their product
  • help to choose an item and accessories
  • warranty for the sound quality and tuning
  • payment plans and other options
  • special offers or sales to reduce price, but not lose in quality

A nice example is this hand drum store

Therefore, even if the overall price from an official manufacturer might be bigger than from other sellers, the risks are reduced to a minimum and special offers and payment options will help you to stick to the reasonable economy.


All in all, I can say a handpan is not something to save money on. The average price of a handpan is $2100-2300 USD and this fantastic sound is worth it. You pay for impeccable quality and, believe me, need no compromise. So pay nice not to pay twice. And better buy from a person you know or a manufacturer of renown.

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