How to Find Rental House Properties in Neighborhood

When planning a move to a new place once a lease is up, the search may take longer when trying to find a house or townhome for rent. In comparison to apartments, these properties are usually not as readily advertised and the competition for the ones advertised is quite high. Consider the following avenues of locating townhomes and single family homes with minimal effort.

rental house

Drive Around the Neighborhood to Locate For Rent Signs

Not all landlords who own rental townhomes and homes advertise their properties through print or online real estate media. Some just place a “For Rent” sign outside the property.

Driving around the neighborhood of choice can lead to the discovery of such rental properties. These rental properties may not have as many applicants as those advertised through various media forms thereby providing a better chance of being approved for the rental.

Acquaintances, family or friends who live within the neighborhood of choice are good sources of information on available properties. They may have seen a sign somewhere or know of a property that is up for rent.

Check Local Craigslist Listings

Craigslist is a popular advertising site for many townhomes and homes for rent by owner. One can perform a search in a particular county or city of choice with specifics as to the features and amenities desired.

With Craigslist listings, it is best to keep checking often for new postings and follow up quickly on any rental properties that seem a good match. Townhomes and single family homes advertised here tend to be snatched up fairly quickly especially if they are great value for the rental price and lease terms.

Search Through a Rental Website or Local Free Real Estate Magazines

While many rental home websites tend to mostly have apartments for rent, some also list houses and townhomes for lease.

Free local real estate magazines are also great sources of property for rent. These can be found at the entrance of various convenience stores and movie stores. They list properties from rental property management companies for that particular neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

Take a Chance on Residential Property for Sale

Home owners of houses and townhomes that have been on the market for a long time may be open to the option of renting them out instead. A simple phone call to the number listed on the “For Sale” sign can lead to a potential rental property.

However, before signing on a lease for homes on sale, it is essential to know the intent of the homeowner with regards to keeping the house or townhome on the market, and what the rental terms will be as a result.

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