Tips for buying a new house

Tips for buying a new house

Make an opinion about how much you will spend on new housing. Get a funding receipt from the bank and go on impressions where the price estimate is slightly lower than the budget.

What is important?

What factors are important to you with the new home? Is there the number of rooms, size, balcony or garage? Set up a list to make it easier to find what you are looking for.


Since you, as a buyer, have a duty of inquiry in the purchase of housing, it is important to make a thorough review of the property before submitting bids. This applies to both the information contained in the prospectus, the tariff, the declaration of self-sufficiency, etc. Negative conditions that are enlightened and / or visible are rarely a shortage you can postpone afterwards.

New or changed information – not shown in writing

If you get acquainted with negative conditions that are not included in the prospect, you can often be met with confirmatory information such that the damp marks stem from an old leak that is rectified. As a buyer, you take over the risk of errors that you have been informed. It is therefore important to ensure that such confirmatory information can be proved retrospectively, and it is therefore recommended to obtain a written confirmation of the information you may receive. It will always be worse to be heard with what was spoken orally, although this information should also be correct. Please send an email that reflects what is said on display and request a confirmation that this is correct. If you have gained notoriety for the information, you are significantly stronger afterwards. However, it is important to be aware that the seller does not have a corresponding investigation obligation but is obliged to inform about the errors he / she knows.

Warning signs

If you discover either through thorough reading of the prospect or on viewing conditions that make it unsafe, it is important to investigate these further. A crack in the foundation wall can mean sentence damage. Loose tiles in the bathroom can be a sign of utter bath. Black marks in the window sill can mean leakage when precipitated. Check in the closet under the kitchen sink, take a look at the ceiling and be aware if you feel mildew. If you are in doubt especially when dealing with house auctions, ask questions and feel free to contact a specialist. It is advisable to keep in mind that used homes are not flawless and the various building blocks have a certain life span.

Top of Form

Once you have put yourself thoroughly into the object, it’s time for bidding. Give broker an opportunity to convey the bid to the seller, who also needs some time to evaluate your bid. Remember that you are bound by the bid until it is rejected by the seller, or expired on time. It is therefore important that you do not submit multiple bids at a time. It is a requirement that any bid must be in writing. It is fully possible to take reservations in the bid.


If the seller accepts your bid, a binding agreement has been reached. You can not withdraw from the agreement after the seller has accepted the bid. Signature of a written contract is the formal confirmation that an agreement has been entered into between the parties. Contract

Most people use a standard contract, but it is still important to read through this, preferably before the actual contract meeting. If you have made reservations or negotiated terms that are not stated in the contract itself, please request it. It helps rarely to refer to what was talked about, be sure to get what was agreed in the contract document.

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