Upnest: connecting buyers and sellers with best realtors in the area

The real estate markets involve the acquisition and disposition of homes and other landed properties. Most times either party or both parties are not satisfied after the end of a transaction for a number of reasons. These reasons could spring up from high commissions, high rates in comparison to the value of service received, lack of transparency and the inability to find an expert realtor.

The annual expenses from both consumers and agents are very high. Consumers spend a total of $80B on agents’ commission, while agents spend a cumulative of $13B on online marketing. Agents also spend an average time of 2 hours a day before they can find a new lead. These statistics show that the amount of money and time wasted is far too high.

Upnest - connecting buyers and sellers with best realtors in the area

The advent of Upnest has brought a modern switch to the real estate market. Upnest was founded on a strong belief that efficiency, transparency and cost-effectiveness should be a norm for homebuyers and sellers when acquiring, disposing or dealing with real estate agents. Since its inception, they have facilitated billions in homes and have helped consumers save millions of dollars in commission.

Upnest understands that time and money is of the essence for every transaction. They adopt an excellent approach which involves connecting buyers and sellers with expert realtors via smart algorithm and transparent pricing. The high-level technology used by Upnest analyses the performance of each agent; this helps consumers filter their search and select the best agent for the transaction.

The whole process on Upnest is easy and consumer-friendly. Upnest puts you in control in every real estate transaction, and you do not have to call or chase realtors around. Consumers receive 3-5 proposals within 24 hours and are giving the option to compare proposals and choose the best agents based on their individual preference.

connecting buyers and sellers with best realtors in the area

Local agents with a track record of excellent performance compete for your business. Upnest digital platform adopts transparency and gives you the opportunity to see reviews, qualifications and fees of the agents. There is no obligation to hire during and after interviewing agents

If you’re considering buying a property you need an expert agent on standby in order to close the deal faster. Don’t miss out on the house of your dreams because you waited for an agent. You’ll also need an expert realtor to give you a clear understanding of why a property is cheaper, the best deal available and even give you access to pocket listings before they hit the market. An expert realtor offers negotiating skills, links you with excellent mortgage specialist and guides you through the legal process.

Upnests’ positive impact on the real estate business has been immense. Consumers new to the real estate market are giving the opportunity to trade on a transparent basis. Home sellers and buyers are also given a platform to hire expert realtors, pay less commission and still receive value for the money spent. If you want to acquire or dispose of a property in no time, visit Upnest today.

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