The basic purchasing a punching bag

The basic purchasing a punching bag

If you are uncomfortable while working out in the presence of other people and you don’t want to go to a gym or a specialized studio, installing a heavy bag in your basement might be the right way of going about things.

But you might not know too much about punching bags, in general, and that’s why we’re here to give you a hand at selecting the right one for your skills and physical attributes, as well as for your living space. Check out the list of tips we’ve put together and showcased below.

Heavy vs. light punching bags

One of the common questions of people who start out their boxing in their basement is whether they should opt for a lighter or a heavier alternative. The fact is that the difference between the two consists of the amount of resistance that your punch will be met with. A heavier bag is capable of putting up a lot more of a fight compared to a lighter one.

While the added resistance can definitely have a beneficial effect on developing your punches so that they become stronger, and also on your overall physical stamina and power, this type of bag might not be suited for complete beginners as they might hurt themselves if they’re overly enthusiastic.


Any report on punching bags will tell you that the material the bag is filled with matters quite a bit. Why’s that? Well, the three main types of filling affect the stiffness of the product and also determine whether or not it can hold its shape over time. It goes without saying that these two aspects eventually affect your body and the way you can work with the punching bag.

Your bag can be filled with shredded fiber, cloth, and water. Water-filled alternatives are preferred by complete rookies, and they tend to hold their shape in a decent way.

Plus, they offer lots of give, which means that they won’t put that much pressure on your knuckles and joints. With that in mind, it’s easy to tell that a water-filled option is better suited to beginners while a hard fill or soft fill one speaks to the needs of well-seasoned athletes or at least people who’ve used heavy bags before.

Where do you plan to install it?

When it comes to a heavy bag setup, there are roughly two ways of going about things. You can either hang it from the ceiling or just choose a self-standing model. The second is convenient and can be used under a variety of circumstances, even if you live in a rented apartment.

You won’t have to drill any holes in the ceiling or walls for you to use a freestanding punching bag. However, with the one that has to hang from the ceiling, you definitely need to invest in a heavy bag stand.

Also, if you plan to set it up all on your own, we recommend doing your research so as to avoid future accidents. The last thing you might want is to be taken by surprise and have a weight of 100lb fall all over your feet.

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