Best 5 Football Players of all time that the World has Witnessed!

Top Football Players all time

Football, being the most paying game and also the most prominent game across the world has fans for some other reason than just entertainment. Football holds emotion and makes people cheer, cry and bleed their hearts out for the game and maybe that’s why the game gained fame which came along with the attachment. The sport made us witness some legendary players who made the game just more than a game throughout their careers and here’s a list of top 5 footballers of all the time.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Initially it was Ronaldo, and the world started knowing him by Cristiano. This wonder-boy, now not a boy anymore who is from Portugal was born in 1985 on 5th of February. Sure, people will argue if he’s the world’s number 1. Well, in fact he is; not because of the game but the dedication he has for the game all the reason moreover. He started his career with Manchester United and continued in it till 2009, the year in which Real Madrid got hold of the gem. The most expensive player till date (before Bale), he won 3 Ballon D’Ors and several titles like the UEFA Champions League Best Player proving the best again and again.

Pele: If you’re a true football fan, you know what I’m talking about. Inarguably titled as the king of the game, Pele is the Brazilian legend on whom the movie has been made recently. He was born in 1940, 21st October and ever since he is regarded as the best footballer for the way he transformed the game into something it is now. He is even voted as the immaculate Player of the Century by IFF (International Football Federation Statistics and History).

Lionel Messi: As the name speaks, people call him magician because of his skill set and his spellbound performances. Born in 1987, on 24th June; Messi is the Barcelona striker legend who is the only player to be among the top players of the four consecutive tournaments of Champions League. He is also the youngest player who scored 200 goals and also a leading La Liga scorer of Barcelona. At 28, he has done what others couldn’t do but has few controversies like the tax fraud on him.

Diego Maradona: People say that if God plays the defender, Maradona would still have scored passing him with ease. The 20th-century player who is of Pele’s time is the most feared footballer and thanks to his dribbling skills for it. The prominent ‘Hand of God’ moment which is even now the biggest scandal in the football history says how unbelievable he is while he took Argentina to World Cup twice with his genius.

Zinedine Zidane: According to Michel Platini, he’s the “God of Football” who’s born in 1972 on June 23rd. People believe that he’s the best midfielder out there and his records speak for him. Zidane the Ballon D’Or winner and the three-time title winner of the World Player of the year, has an attitude that will inspire you and make you confident in yourselves.


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