College Athletic Recruiting Tips For Your Teenage Child

Parents and coaches play important roles in building up the athletic career of a child. They decide what needs to be played in the next level. However, here are some basic tips to note while your son or daughter is passing out from high school and seeking to take admission in a good college.

college athlete tips

Respect decisions

Leave the college decision on your teenage son or daughter. They are best at it and also remember it is they who would spend years in the college campus. Teenage is a first step to becoming an adult and at this stage student can gain decision making skills. At the same age they develop perseverance and improve self-confidence.

Don’t contact coach

This is very important. Don’t try to contact the college coach on behalf of your child. There are many such instances where a student has not been recruited as athlete by the coach due to his or her parents. Contact the coach only when you have specific questions or if it is something related to the financial aid. If needed, you can just proofread the email written by your teenage child.

Note, you should never email to coach in the name of your child. It is obvious the coach will understand you are contacting him.

Realistic about talent

Don’t over estimate or underestimate the talents or abilities of your child. Know that college athletics are highly competitive and many young athletes have abilities and talents. They too are in search of same opportunities as your son or daughter.

Benefit of wisdom

Never allow your child to be overwhelmed with your ideas and impressions. Talk to them much before, when they are in school, about your restrictions. It could be even financial restrictions. Also, be always available to help them.

Independent being

Encourage your child to have some good time away from home. This will teach him or her how to be a self-reliant. Help them also how to manage their own money by establishing a checking account.

Realize selection process

Always try to realize the selection or admission process in college. Help you child to know the same. Take each part of the process at one time and let the student know help is readily available.

College transition

Adjustment from high school to college may be a bit of problematic for your child. Help them how to sort out while avoiding reactions to new situations. Teach them not to get into conflicts.

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