Going to a cricket match and cricket world cup ticket prices

Cricket world cup ticket prices – There are few games like cricket, certainly few that can go on as long. Whilst domestic cricket played between counties is far behind domestic football in terms of popularity, international matches – particularly against Australia in “The Ashes” – are a highlight of the English summer. International matches and world cup tournaments are played at several grounds across the country, including ones in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Cricket world cup ticket prices

Cricket world cup ticket prices

Cricket world cup ticket prices for one day start from around £80 although can go as high as £200, especially if played against host country.

A Day at the Cricket Test Match

If you decide to go to a test match, then there are a couple of things you should be prepared for in order to get the most out of your day. First, the action is sporadic. Unlike football or basketball or other high-tempo sports, there can be longish intervals of inaction or slow play. Don’t go expecting to be riveted to the action for the entire day. Treat it a bit like a day in the park – take a picnic, bring a book or newspaper.

Second, there are many intricacies of cricket that can be lost on the casual observer. Fortunately, you can buy radio earpieces at the ground to follow the commentary of Test Match Special (TMS), the BBC’s cricket commentary programme. Make sure you buy one, or bring a pocket DAB or long wave radio to tune in. Even seasoned cricket fans would be lost without TMS!

For the most part, cricket crowds are not partisan and are generous with their applause to both sides. Especially at test matches, the experience is as much as one of a day out in the sun as at a sporting event – don’t be surprised to see people on fancy dress.

Cricket world cup ticket prices

Finally, in contrast with some other sports alcohol is allowed in the ground. If you are holidaying with children, some grounds have family areas where alcohol is not allowed. These also often offer very good value for money.

What Cricket Tickets to Buy

If you get an option of what part of the ground to sit in, ask for seats “behind the bowler’s arm.” This gives you the best angle and is much more important than whether you are sitting near the front or not.

Twenty20 Cricket

If a whole day at the cricket sounds a bit much, you can always try the domestic Twenty20 games, usually played in the evenings. These are quicker, more action-packed games that are frequently played in the evening. The tickets are much cheaper, and the game takes no more than 3 hours. This can be an easier introduction to cricket, although purists will suggest it is not “proper” cricket.

How English Sport has Benefited From Foreign Coaches

16 May 2010 is now an historic date in English cricket. In years to come England fans will recall this date as the day they saw their country ease to a seven wicket victory over Australia in the Twenty20 World Cup final. In doing so England claimed their first world title in limited overs cricket after 35 years of trying. This victory is further evidence that the England cricket team have started to install a winning mentality with victory quickly becoming a habit.

Should an England Team Include Overseas Players?

Much of England’s improvement must go down to the coach Andy Flower about a decade ago. He was appointed as coach in 2009 and was immediately taken into the nation’s hearts after leading England to ashes victory over fierce rivals Australia in the summer of 2009.

coach Andy Flower

Despite this success there is still opinion that the England cricket team should contain only players born in this country and should be managed by an Englishman. In addition to a Zimbabwean coach, the top order batsmen in England’s Twenty20 success were born in South Africa.

Although nationality is a concern amongst some cricket supports, this is not a view shared by former England captain and now Sky Sports pundit David Lloyd. Lloyd states “Pietersen, Lumb and Kieswetter all have at least one English parent. They have dual nationality and I don’t see a problem with them playing for England.”

Lloyd does however recommend putting a limit on the age a player can choose for which country he represents “There should be a cut-off point. If you choose to play for a representative Under-19 team then that’s your team. By that age you’re old enough to leave home and you’re old enough to make that decision”

It is not just cricket where England have seen the benefits of a foreign influence. On 14 December 2007 Italian Fabio Capello was appointed the coach of the England national side.

The selection of the England football manager seems to alternate in recent times based on public opinion for the requirements of the top job. The countries feelings appear to swing from needing an Englishman who has the necessary passion and understanding of game, to wanting a foreign coach to bring new ideas and systems to the team.

Winning is Everything

It would appear that the English public and media have more patience with an English coach than a foreign coach. Just ask Sven-Goran-Eriksson, who started to receive negative media coverage following defeats towards the end of his England reign. This is despite having a higher win percentage than former England managers Bobby Robson and Terry Venables.

As with all sports, winning is everything. Although most supporters would prefer to see their coach being of the same nationality of the team they lead, this would quickly be substituted for winning trophies.

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